6 Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Unit 5 is counting on low voter turnout to pass yet another attempt to raise your taxes – that’s after they already raised property taxes.

These current School Board members want re-elected:

Kelly Pyle

Amy Roser

Both were appointed in 2018, they are part of the problem. Unions will be running candidates, since a contract expires in 2023 people representing you need to be elected. The passage of Amendment 1 last November means unions will be shooting for the stars at your expense.

Local elections are April 4th. This elections picks the people who are capable of taxing you out of your home including Town of Normal Trustees and Bloomington Alderman. 15% turnout guarantees nobody representing you will get elected.



Chris Koos was reportedly on WJBC:

Koos ignored inflation is providing Normal with more revenue because Sales Tax receipts are higher when everything costs more. So far the infrastructure investment is another bike path.

NO, Koos has no plans to cut your taxes. Once tax dollars are collected by authoritarian government nothing is going to be returned to you. Free rides on the bus will be available because State and Federal governments are flooding them with money.

Even though Connect Transit has cut routes because they don’t have enough drivers, FREE is the goal. It’s also called redistribution of wealth. Everyone pays for these free rides and electric buses. Ridership will not increase because buses don’t go where you want to go. They go where THEY want you to go.


Normal sent 4 people out to the Rivian plant to pick up Koos’ new luxury truck:

The FOIA states the 4 also got a tour. At least they drove a vehicle with government plates:

If you ever see a vehicle with government plates somewhere that looks suspicious, first take picture. Next go to https://www.govplates.com/

This site will tell you what agency owns it.


“Grossinger Motors” arena actually scheduled an event that isn’t ISU hockey or an IHSA competition: https://www.grossingermotorsarena.com/events-and-tickets/calendar

Grossinger Motors doesn’t exist anymore and I’m pretty sure naming rights expired last June. https://blnnews.com/2022/11/06/public-private-partnership-fail-coliseum/

How many years will it take Bloomington to remove the name or find a new sponsor? If you have a VPN you will be blocked from seeing ticket prices until you disable it.


If you missed this article by Victor Davis Hanson, read it now!


Yes a coup is underway but it has nothing to do with January 6th.


H/T a reader. It looks like the Town of Normal is out of the bike-sharing business: https://www.normalil.gov/1290/Bike-Rentals

Guess who’s bike shop is listed for rental? At least it isn’t the only one listed.

I took this picture last August when I saw the bikes tucked into a corner of the parking garage where the buses enter. If somebody drives by see if they are still there! Note they aren’t even locked up.

3 thoughts on “6 Things you need to know

  1. #5) Yes everything is upside down. The New World Order claims that order out of chaos is the way to achieve the takeover. I suggest eveyone that sees or experiences such insanity to deny it any victory. Stand and fight for the truth to prevail.

  2. What we really want to know is who is going to drive the second Rivian they picked up. Matt Bode is director of public works for the town of Normal. Jessica Ragland is an executive assistant which means she can fight with Chris and Pam for the keys. The second one they picked up looks to me will be shared by Matt and Pam. Hopefully Bode won’t bury it in a pot hole driving around town on electricity inspecting the street of Normal.

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