3 more things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Steve Suess is no longer at Cities 92.9. He’s exploring other opportunities. BIG LOSS to Sunday afternoons, guest host spots, and election coverage. 😲


State Farm is selling employees: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230112005620/en/HCLTech-to-Modernize-IT-Operations-for-State-Farm%C2%AE

Sources tell me these are 1st and 2nd level support and claims help desk staff. Most are already working remotely. The story doesn’t say how many employees are affected. Employees HCL wants will be offered jobs today at comparable salaries. One source told me those that accept the HCL offer will be given a bonus is they remain with HCL for a year. Layoffs likely.


File this one under: You can’t make this stuff up!

US official warns of risks posed by heavy electric vehicles


The head of the National Transportation Safety Board expressed concern Wednesday about the safety risks that heavy electric vehicles pose if they collide with lighter vehicles.

The official, Jennifer Homendy, raised the issue in a speech in Washington to the Transportation Research Board. She noted, by way of example, that an electric GMC Hummer weighs about 9,000 pounds (4,000 kilograms), with a battery pack that alone is 2,900 pounds (1,300 kilograms) β€” roughly the entire weight of a typical Honda Civic.

β€œI’m concerned about the increased risk of severe injury and death for all road users from heavier curb weights and increasing size, power, and performance of vehicles on our roads, including electric vehicles,” Homendy said in remarks prepared for the group.

The extra weight that EVs typically carry stems from the outsize mass of their batteries. To achieve 300 or more miles (480 or more kilometers) of range per charge from an EV, batteries have to weigh thousands of pounds.

While diesel Connect Transit buses are heavier than cars, the Feds are funding electric buses that do more damage, especially to the infrastructure.

NTSB questions EV safety while Biden and Congress fund them. Brilliant

Since Biden wants everyone driving electric vehicles, I wonder if Jennifer Homendy still has a job. How heavy is Koos’ Rivian?

9 thoughts on “3 more things you need to know

    1. The Asian Indian takeover of SF’s IT Department will soon be in overdrive. They are willing to work cheaper and put in.longer hours as long as many family members as possible can come to the good ole USA. Ask all the other workers how they feel about their loyalty and dedication. The joke is on all of you. Your leadership lied to you. Thanks for your years of service. Bring on more foreign workers to save the bottom line. People in BN are such putzes.


  1. Last week, I returned an item to Crutchfield, got a return authorization, the whole process took less than 2=3 minutes. I talked to an American. I could clearly understand every word. What a concept. In the future, I will do more business with Crutchfield;

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  2. So according to the article, this only applies to EVs. Currently, aren’t there heavier ICE vehicles as well. Wouldn’t there be a similar concern with a Freightliner semi (large) colliding with a Mitsubishi Mirage (small)? I’m sure that was posted sometime around the same time Ralph Nadar wrote about the Corvair “unsafe at any speed”


    1. Yes, there can be comparable weight differences among conventional vehicles, but those are generally limited to highways and major roads, plus people (should) know to allow extra stopping distance for such vehicles. One does not expect a semi truck cleverly disguised as a passenger vehicle to hit some ice, skid through a residential neighborhood stop sign, and totally obliterate a smaller car and the family that had been in it.

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      1. I think you missed the point….
        There are large gas powered delivery vehicles now (ICE= Internal Combustion Engine), such as a UPS or Fed Ex truck. Those vehicles interact with automobiles in neighborhoods roads, major roads, and interstates.
        Also, I am not sure what you mean by “a semi truck cleverly disguised as a passenger vehicle”.


        1. If you see a semi truck, you know it weighs a Lot more than most cars, it needs considerable stopping distance, and will cause major damage on impact. An EV car looks ‘normal’ but shares those attribute, and other drivers are unlikely to adjust their driving accordingly, with potentially tragic results.


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