Normal: You should be embarrassed

By: Diane Benjamin

Is Normal embarrassed they have TWO unsolved murders of young woman attending ISU? They must be since they refuse to release unredacted documents and most interviews from the 1975 case. What they did release shows leads were not documented as being followed up on.

The 5th episode of Carol’s Last Christmas was posted yesterday, this link has all 5 episodes. Each are only about 1/2 hour.

The first 2 episodes set background, the 3rd starts giving details. Episodes 4 and 5 are explosive. The 5th episode has a quote from a retired Chicago detective who spoke to a retired Normal detective:

“We were lost from the beginning”

Normal should have called in the State Police to investigate. Why didn’t they? In 1975 not much else existed in Normal besides ISU.

It was also during this time Normal changed to City Manager form of government even though many questions about the legality of that referendum existed. It ended up in court with a judge saying the law is murky. Normal is in court now because State law is incompatible with City Manager form of government. Normal also ended the ban on alcohol in 1973.

The family of Carol Rolstad still has no idea who murdered her.

The family of Jennifer Lockmiller still has no idea who murdered her. (1993 murder)

Episode 5 ends with:

If you want to commit murder – do it in Normal.

This website has information too:

It shows some of the heavily redacted documents the Normal police have released and previews upcoming episodes.


4 thoughts on “Normal: You should be embarrassed

  1. The Normal Town council can order the release of all these documents , un redacted, with a simple majority voice vote – if they wanted too.

    Surely 4 council members care enough about justice for these young women –

    IF I was running for Normal Town Council and wanted to take away a seat from an incumbent , I would make it a big part of my campaign.

    The Public wants justice. The families want justice + closure. Why does Koos and the Normal PD not want the same ? The answer to this question is in the redactions.

  2. I’ve listened to each Podcast. I cannot get over the blatant miscarriage of justice. The victim’s family deserved justice, so why was it denied? They had leads, suspects, information, and didn’t properly follow up until the killer was arrested? Why? Who was being protected?

  3. There’s always something. Maybe one of those genius citizens sleuths will take up the case and make a discovery.

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