Normal: You should be embarrassed

By: Diane Benjamin Is Normal embarrassed they have TWO unsolved murders of young woman attending ISU? They must be since they refuse to release unredacted documents and most interviews from the 1975 case. What they did release shows leads were not documented as being followed up on. The 5th episode of Carol’s Last Christmas was […]

Normal Police and Cold Cases

By: Diane Benjamin Most people remember the 1993 Jennifer Lockmiller case where Alan Beaman was declared innocent after spending years in prison. The case is still unsolved. Is anyone investigating now? Lockmiller was not the only unsolved murder on the ISU campus however. In 1975 Carol Rofstad was murdered outside her sorority house. The […]

Koos dethroned

By: Diane Benjamin I hope the Normal citizens who never confront Koos and his bobbleheads were watching last night’s meeting. Passion shut down Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy couldn’t even get a Point of Order recognized. More on that one later. Last night I posted a screen shot showing how many citizens showed up, many: […]