Koos and crew not having fun tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

I suggest any readers click this link to watch the meeting now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC8s6_w_7Tk

One speaker broke the rules. He told the Town he wanted to talk about chemical purchases and then went on a rant about Jelani Day’s memorial picture being taken down. This is what the Council is looking at right now:

Stan Nord made a motion to let all those who signed up for Public Comment speak at the beginning instead of waiting until the end, Preston seconded it. Koos asked for head nods instead of taking a vote. Enough must have nodded.

Many speakers have and are speaking now.

Video tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Koos and crew not having fun tonight

  1. This group did a great job of taking control away from Koos and reminding him who he works for. Don’t like their politics, but appreciate what they stood for today and that they organized to take back their government. Stan was amazing as usual. The Fortress talking about not using a tragedy for politics was a joke. McCarthy trying to correct Stan at the end was a total joke. Stan used the correct words. I hope this groups marches on Koos’ store and he can borrow his sign back from the McLean County Museum of History…I have a feeling the reaction might not be as peaceful as the last group.


      2. You were a hot topic tonight mostly because we have been fact checking the blurbles you write about normal for years. Where we absolutely disagree with you about most every other topic in the city of bloomington county of mclean,on the topic of corruption and the 20 year clownish rule of normal, a town that spends on opulence needlessly at the expense of the actual people we agree. Rock that Freedom mullet tonight girl because you helped shake up a real tyrannical power structure in spirit tonight . Who would have thought that your lumpy blog would have gave us so much extra ammo. I also want to thank the long haired sewer guy who spoke for helping point out how cruel taking down a wheat pasted thin biodegradable paper memorial portrait was. The art is actually beautiful and may be the best piece of street art in town history its on display with the crappy notice for every one in town to see the towns cruelty in upchuck normal .

  2. Stan Nord was the only council member that showed any morsel of compassion or empathy for Jelani Day and the speakers who came out tonight to express how they feel unseen and unheard in normal. He seemed to be the only council person who wanted to listen. And though it might surprise you and your readers I had several great conversations with Stan tonight before and after the meeting. One thing we agree on is that normal status quo Council doesn’t give a damn about the people who live here. We are on the same page about that Diane.

  3. My favorite line from the meeting was “Fuck you Koos.” I wanted to say that to him so many times. Glad someone had the balls to do it to his face.

  4. I have now finally finished watching all of the last meeting and I’m still trying to digest Kevin McCarthy’s statement that someone has to go last. In Normal, Illinois it’s the citizens who go last. In order to change that, citizens have to challenge the rules, even appeal to the attorney general’s office and wait months if not years for a determination. When it finally comes, Normal Town government is always on the loosing end of it. Thanks to this group last night for standing up and fighting for your rights by challenging the rules. But understand, an exception was made last night to the rules that are illegal. It’s not enough to change them for just one meeting. They need to be scraped all together. That ought to be something that could easily unite this community. The people who stand in the way of that are the elected officials, not the citizens.

  5. While I like the fact that the people in this community were allowed to talk, I believe the community still has a ways to go on comprehension. Police in this community did all they could do to find Mr. Day. Also, police departments are very short staffed as are many businesses. In case after case, the public has stood up and helped form search parties. Not for Profits have formed that help with searches of missing people. There are over 600,000 that go missing each each year. Perhaps some can form together a group to help assist those that go missing in our community. Take a wrong and make it right. As to the picture…why bother it? Was it hurting anything? Was this a Pam Reece move? Sure sounds like it.

  6. WAIT!!! The same ones that elected Koos and Company are now complaining?? LOL. Elections have consequences. BLM…you wanted these people in office. YOU chose this.

    Jelani’s primary investigation is in LaSalle County…not here.

    1. Exactly right. No matter how Day died, he was used as a political pawn at this meeting. I didn’t hear one person not use race in their comments. In fact, this event was openly advertised by the local Socialist cabal on their platforms. Funny that the BLM flag was present and the chants of Black Lives Matter didn’t take long to ring out. The death is a tragedy no matter what but doubt the outcry would be as much if Jelani was white or even Asian. Just say’n. Find out what really happened first.

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