Fly on the Wall: State Farm

I hear lots of highly paid people lost their jobs yesterday at State Farm.

Worse, a foreign company is going to run the networks that links 17,000 agents across the United States.

What can go wrong?

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  1. We have both of our “major” employers (State Farm and Rivian) losing “billions” of dollars every quarter. And our leadership is either clueless or tip-toeing past the graveyard of Bloomington-Normal’s economy like children on Halloween night. My question is: Will State Farm demolish all their buildings or try to sell them?

    1. I suspect the buildings SF owns is like a boat anchor around their neck. My employer owns very few buildings and what they need they lease or rent. I would guess 1/4 to 1/2 or maybe more work from home. Why own buildings to pay utilities on and property taxes? Holding a thumb on employees to work in some office can be unproductive. I bet I get 10X the work dome at home verses in some office. No one to bother me and chit chat to waste my time.

      If the number is correct from what I hear that is 1,000 fewer people paying into Social Security, federal and state taxes, etc. Congress should slap a heavy tax on those outsourcing companies. But they are too ignorant to and then they wonder why we have a decifit.

      1. Only problem with taxing corporations is that it doesn’t penalize them at all. They just pass it along to the consumer.

    1. Whenever a company goes from family owned to a “corporate” ownership mentality., This always happens. The Chinese style of “lean”.

  2. The slippery slope has begun for for will probably be all of SF IT at some point.

    Rough for the folks that only have a week to accept an offer and if not no severance.

    #Not a good neighbor

  3. The airline disaster earlier this week was caused by contractors editing a file. No more further details to say if they were offshore or not. My guess they were offshore.

    I don’t recall how many years ago some bank in England had outsourced their IT to offshore. One contractor replied to a console message that wiped out the scheduling service and the bank took a signifigant outage.

    Am I not surprised that SF offshored some of their IT, no. The insurance business is highly competitive with Geico and Progressive taking away their business. There was a news article about that a while back. I said to myself then some people are going to lose their jobs. Definitely not likely management.

    Just from what I have seen in IT the offshore employees are idiots. They lie on their resume and about their experience. I even heard of them interviewing and having someone interview for them. I thought I heard the SF employees have the option to work for the outsourcing company. I wonder how many complaints have been filed against the outsourcing company with the Dept. of Labor?

    Just a week or so ago some Wells Fargo VP management person from India was terminated because he urinated on a woman on a flight back to India. Their caste system I have issues with. Especially how women are treated. The family of the woman had to press the India airlines to bring charges. What is that? Exactly, mis-treatment of women.

    1. My son in law got his engineering degree at Bradley. He said the Indians in the program were the biggest frauds. They would pick out the brightest students in the class sit as close to them as possible and cheat on tests like no other. In India, an IT degree there is akin to a community college degree in the USA. You also don’t want to work with any of them. Always making excuses for why something isn’t done right or on time while throwing U.S. co-workers under the bus.

    2. Definitely a lot of resume padding and false information put on offshore “expertise”. Lot is theory and memorization for even those with actual training but no practical experience. Most just take some English lessons.

  4. One only needs to do a google seach like this :dept of labor complaints against ,,,,,,” and fill in the company name to get a picture of the employer. It isn’t pretty.

  5. No worries, once it all goes to complete manure, Markowitz-Renner/Koos will sweep in and promote the corporate home office building to be preserved as some kind of monument of insanity. The airport will become soccer fields and we grow corn again.

  6. BN taxpayers can likely expect to pick up the tab on corporate tax contributions that are waived and those that will continue to vanish. Government will proceed under its own ignorance to buy things like bigger busses for workers that no longer exist and never needed them to begin with. Social services will see a spike in demand. SF has the biggest ego in the industry. They know better than anyone and aren’t afraid to fabricate the data to prove it. Many folks who have offered consulting services to help them gain efficiency and advantage have been turned away because it’s difficult for their culture to accept outside opinions. Sad to see a once great company crumble at its own hands. IMHO When people are outsourced at this scale it’s a reflection of corporate mismanagement. Some very amazing people will unfortunately pay the price.

    1. I wish that wasn’t true but it probably is. Kooskoos and queen pam are too egotistical and narcissistic to admit they’re wrong.

    2. Underpass to overcome all the problems and revive the Uptown economy. Which, is the center of Normals life blood. Not all the businesses that actually do things to make revenue. Koos has no clue other then serving his bike clan.

  7. Farm has been playing an exploitative technocrat data game in sales and service and systems for a long time Bad for policyholders, potential customers, claimants and great for lesser pocketbooks. Sick industry at this point and the wrong folks are highly compensated at your expense. Optics are everything. Third parties run that org and it’s a bad situation.

  8. When a community is Dependent on two Universities; one big Insurance company and a wannabe electric car company that is both an empty shell of new technology or innovative knowledge as it using “Freeware” Tesla tech as it’s base tech; plus it has no assets producing or generating profitable revenue for the foreseeable future, without government subsidies, stir in the local government isn’t business friendly, prepared for a major loss of tax revenue when any leave or downsize/budgets cut, or planning for such. Cookbook for Spicy Chicken.

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