Sick? We are too

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Tari thought he was going to be attacked at his Open House and sent out a call for help?

Note the name – David Parker is running for McLean County Board District 9.

David Parker is another Biss for Governor- supporter.  You remember Biss – the guy who picked a member of the Democrat Socialist of America as his running mate.  Biss did drop him, but only because they disagreed about Israel – not because he’s a socialist.

Renner supports Biss.

Parker supports Biss.

Nikita Richards supports Biss.

Chemberly Cummings supports Biss.

These Americans have no trouble supporting a guy who named a socialist to be on his ticket?  Doesn’t that make Biss and supporters socialists?  Nobody who believes in America would pick a socialist for a running mate or support a candidate who does!

Sensing a local pattern?  Sure looks like socialists are trying to take over McLean County!  .


(Watching both Councils it’s hard to say they haven’t already)

Read up on Venezuela!  Democratic socialism never ends well.  I hear dogs are being eaten now because food is non-existent.

Saturday the gang got together again:

Tari was well enough to attend a Democrat event, but he isn’t well enough to do the part-time job he was elected to do!

Evidently the Council thinks  we will forget Renner’s attack on a private citizen, his comments on this site, and the Margot affair.  Very convenient that Tari will recover in the next 2 weeks.  Meanwhile, “time out” is punishment.

Back to Nikita Richards:  She is supposedly the CEO of NDR Communications  – see below.

She is also a City employee.  (Two jobs?!?) Last year she was listed on the compensation report as a legal secretary.  I filed a FOIA request for the hours worked and time for anyone with “legal” in their job title.  No surprise, I didn’t get Nikita.  Maybe that’s because her campaign Facebook page has entries during a time she was probably working for the City!  Since they won’t answer my FOIA, I guess we can assume she was and they don’t want to provide proof she was campaigning on public property while getting paid by you.  Since the City won’t provide proof she wasn’t on the clock, maybe Nikita can!



Besides the obvious un-American people surrounding these local extremists, do you want a Democrat in charge of elections in McLean County?

Voter fraud anyone?  Little Chicago?


Note to Tari:

If you are really sick, you needs to say what you have.  You are making everybody sick.


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