Dream Big!

By:  Diane Benjamin


Monday night the Council has bills to pay, massive pension payments to approve, and a little misc stuff.  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14583

See page 285.

A consultant came up with a

“Branding Concept”

for downtown:


That means signs:


Payment to KMA design of $62,190 was approved in 2016, Monday they get another $28,095.10.  See page 293.

For close to $100,000, you got a design.  Signs not included!

Page 294 says $250,000 is in the budget this year!

What’s your Dream for downtown?





14 thoughts on “Dream Big!

  1. Oh Dear Lord, $100,000 for a simple “design” I am for sure in the WRONG business – but then I could never fleece people like that so I could never be in such a business. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry – you can never be entirely sure if they are just brainless idiots or truly this corrupt – perhaps a combination, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive I guess. BUT did they pay a consultant to guide them to which company to use for the “design”?


  2. From the KMA website – this is just too funny


    KMA Design, is an experiential graphic design firm with offices in Pittsburgh and Tampa. Working primarily with architectural firms, building owners and construction companies, the firm has honed a quality reputation in the unique specialty of architectural signage design, programming and wayfinding. KMA has developed an extensive national resume of projects in several marketing segments, including: sporting venues, entertainment and recreational environs, governmental facilities, healthcare institutions, educational campuses, and donor recognition.

    Are these people who “run” these towns REALLY so stupid that they need a design company to come up with some simple directional signs? – It appears so. What a racket, what a frickin’ racket.


  3. My dream is for this Mayor and council to stop wasting taxpayer money on useless projects and waste their own money if they are so quick to spend, spend, spend.


  4. Are they suggesting to put “Dream Big” at the top of the signs? Hahahahaha! Bloomington officials are the laughing stock of the midwest. Someday they will look back and see so for themselves as IT WILL all come crumbling down on their socialist, marxist ways.


  5. Look who is on the Signage Committee to explain the proposed “Dream Big” logo. Look in the (and every) packet to see that Bloomington describes itself as the “Jewel of the Midwest.” The Comprehensive Plan is called “Bring it on Bloomington.” Where is the City logo? It appears to me that Bloomington is suffering from an identity issue. Paying a design firm from Pittsburgh to create a brand for your own City shows a lack of creativity and long term vision. Dreams are nebulous and can easily turn into nightmares.


  6. “Dream Big?” Is the City of Bloomington telling everyone what to do? Shouldn’t the “branding” be telling everyone who we are?


    1. The signage committee, the Council, the task force are all trying to tell the rest of the community what to do. No thinkers allowed, only dreamers.


  7. For the love of all things holy, an eight grade citywide competition among the students could have come up with something better than that…for a hella lot less than $100,000, I might add.

    “Dream Big!” What does that even mean?


    1. I 100% agree, a contest with Middle School or High School kids creating entries would have ginned up some enthusiasm for the project, cost nothing, and would likely have yielded a better design, of course there would need to be UNBIASED and unconnected judges or the “usual suspects” would likely win and they would NOT have the best design, Oh, but wait, that’s a contest and progressives don’t like competition unless it’s professional sports – EVERYONE’S a WINNER! (remember) – NOTHING these people push is good, in the long run or the short run, except for them and their chosen few.


  8. Well, IF Nora had ANYTHING to do with it. I can understand, as “UPTOWN” paid $30K for some firm to come up with the UPTOWN thing with NORA at the helm. ain’t that right Nora?
    you’ll get crickets to well ya to sleep on this one. Life’s easy being easy when it’s OTHER peoples money!
    Wonder IF Nora had a hand in THIS endeavor?
    Nora-here’s your chance to DEFEND yourself…..


  9. Perhaps our slogan should be “WISH BIG” As in…. WISHING… that our political leaders would spend “our” money wisely. Even if we made the stretch that this were a NEED… (my truck’s front end alignment would beg to differ) would it have been too much to ask that we offer this to a local? Offer $10,000 for local designers and even citizens to submit their ideas… what the hell does a design firm in Pennsylvania know about Bloomington, IL?


  10. What a joke….”Dream Dig” Google it on internet to see how many others have already used this. As many have said before we need to stop spending money to push this as the mecca of the midwest. We need to fix what we have got (roads for example). This towns roads are turning into the streets of Detroit.


    1. Meant Dream Big….maybe Dig was a fortunate mistake….as the dreamers (for those like Renner with delusions of being a sane person) are digging a hole that this area will never get out of. See Illinois and Madigan as an example…..


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