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  1. Disgruntled Dave says:



  2. i can not fund anything in my currant financial capacity , how ever believe in a wise free , unbiased press that seeks to only serve by providing knowledge , facts and shared or stated opinions , that inform and intel deep constructive thought in helping any to see what is happening and where the boat sits in the water before diving off and being in the middle of sharks . often things are connected and we fail to see a big picture focusing on a bug crawling along the side . misdirection , propaganda , hearsay , misleading cut stories and tabloid approach is replacing true journalism and basic good news articles that give it as it is not as some think it should appear ..


  3. Seriously?!? says:

    BloNo’s own version of Breitbart? Can’t wait for that (Headline: Tari Renner seen with Communist leaders. Raul Castro, Nicholas Maduro, Mao Zedong, Pol Pol, Augusto Pinochet, Juan Peron, Benito Mussolini, Karl Marx, and Che Guevara were reportedly seen with the Bloomington mayor at Rosie’s Pub. When asked for comment Mayor Renner said he was attending a student government party. “What?!?! First of all most of the people mentioned I could have never met with because they are dead. Second, the meeting with Raul and Nicholas never happened because I don’t have my P-Card.”) If the local government doesn’t make you laugh then he ready for the alternative media.


  4. As I’ve said before, someone NEEDS to defenestrate Renner-the council too!


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