What media forgot to report: Rauner

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was at Nord Outdoor Power yesterday for Gov. Rauner’s press conference.  Quit listening to the liberal media demanding that Rauner compromise just to pass a budget.  He won’t.  He will do what ever it takes to bring jobs back to Illinois and grow the State’s economy.  The Democrats are blocking everything.  Companies are fleeing and NOT locating in Illinois because of Work Comp costs.  Illinois costs are in the top five most expensive in the country, according to Rauner.  Move to Indiana – save lots of money.

Mike Madigan’s claims to be “for the middle class” are lies that need challenged.  If Madigan doesn’t feel pressured by citizens he will never change WC.  My comments, not Rauner’s.

The Chicago media was too busy wanting to know why Rauner wasn’t going to the GOP convention in Cleveland and why he wasn’t endorsing Trump to ask real questions.  Rauner refused to answer, he said his attention is on Illinois.  If he travels anywhere it’s going to be to bring Illinois jobs.  Reforms would help – maybe Madigan wants him to fail and therefore won’t address issues.

One reporter asked Rauner what he could do without the legislature.  I haven’t seen that response reported anywhere.  The Governor claims to have cut $800,000,000 from state spending by cutting the size of government.  He has also replaced anti-business regulators (just looking for more tax money) with business friendly department heads.  Rauner also stated that bailing out the Chicago Public Schools is NOT an option.  🙂

Nothing is going to change unless Madigan feels heat.  Citizens needs to turn it up.

Side note:  Doug Nord gave the best introduction I’ve ever heard a citizen or politician give.  I hope he either lives in Bloomington or Normal – he’d make a GREAT mayor.  Doug?  Doug?




  1. Compromise is what government is all about.

    Nothing but more right wing whining from you.

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  2. He is in an unenviable position. His administration is not what got the state in this mess.
    I think it’s got to get worse before it can get better. We’re there, I believe. How much pork is in the proposed budget? Our elected need to lobby for US, not the special interest groups who line pockets.


  3. BNIndy says:

    Madigan, Rauner, Cullerton, the Bradys, all of them, need to go. The career politicians have ruined the state and the baron cannot run the state like a business. It’s not a business, it won’t work. Plain and simple. Anyone who thinks trickle down economics works needs there head examined. We need honest politicians (I know, an oxymoron) with term limits, and no outside influencing through legalized bribery, er…I mean lobbying and campaign financing.


    • First, this if Rauner’s first time in office – hardly career politician. Trickle down doesn’t work? Seriously? More people with jobs and more money to spend doesn’t benefit everybody?


      • Trickle down works in theory not in reality. The rich have always gotten richer, Reagan was better than most but not our savior.


      • Everybody did better under Reagan. That why the establishment in both patties hate conservatives. The only alternative is redistribution which has never worked. Making some richer by making some poorer is theft.


      • BNIndy says:

        “…and the baron cannot…” I never said he was a career politician, he’s a failed one.


      • If all he does is keep madigan from raising taxes, that’s success.


      • Reaganomics didn’t work as it did in theory. You forget that Reagan increased federal spending 2.5% and tripled the national debt. Those who reaped the benefit were the top earners. The tax cuts that GW put in also came when the Fed slashed the key interest rate from 6% to 1%. There was always some other variable. From 1979 to 2005, average household income grew 6%. The top-fifth of household incomes grew 80%. Trickle Down Economics can’t stand on its own as an economic policy. You would need disposable income increased greatly to cover the cut in government spending. You would need loans to be available to build homes and purchase cars and other big ticket items. Most be people with 6% increase in income would be paying down debt and saving the rest.


      • So, let’s do wealth redistribution. It’s working great in Venezuela. Don’t start in on northern Europe – they realized free markets is the only thing that works. They are reversing course.


      • Who in Northern Europe are you talking about? I just read that Norway’s average per capita income is $97,000 or somewhere in that range. We are at $55,000. The next crisis may be because the Sweedes are carrying a debt level that averages out to about 180% of their disposable income. There could be defaults on real estate loans. Northern Europe is known for their surpluses because they tend to spend less and produce more. Not sure they are reversing course because as you
        are implying, they are being crushed under the weight of wealth distribution. They seem to have it down. Are you thinking of Southern Europe? Venezuela is in shambles but what does that prove about Reaganomics? My point is, any economic plan is the sum of its parts and not one aspect. Any growth and contraction needs to be managed appropriately or else people game the system like in the mortgage crisis. Or they don’t play at all and keep their money. Or spend too much and inflation rises.


      • Check their tax rate. I think it’s around 50%


  4. 1panper says:

    love what our govenor is trying to do…having had business dealings with doug, not so fast on the mayor bit, maybe normal

    Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 18:08:16 +0000 To: wrcherry@hotmail.com


  5. Gov. Rauner is keeping his campaign promises on this matter and that is why my family voted for him. Well that and to get another Chicago democrat out of the governors office. I would like to hear more from Gov. Rauner on the issue of TERM LIMITS, that was, is, and will always be a key issue for me personally.


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