Kick the can GOP

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today, if the House has a quorum, Madigan is calling a vote to override Gov. Rauner’s veto of the income tax hike.

15 Republicans voted for it the first time even though no concessions were made by the Democrats and nothing gets solved.  The GOP holds all the cards because the Democrats can’t pass it without them.  Madigan has obstructed every attempt to reform the State, he is finally out of time and other people’s money.

These 15 GOP are kicking the can down the road again instead of exercising their power.

Moody’s Investor’s Service agrees.  They announced yesterday they may still downgrade Illinois’ bond rating to junk.  Two stories:

We see Republicans fail over and over to stand for the people.  Republicans refuse to take decisive action opting instead for tiny meaningless victories.  These 15 can only claim they capitulated to Madigan.  Illinois will continue to be the place many used to live.  Businesses will flee to lower tax states.

Below is contact information for the 15.   Bill Mitchell and Mike Unes represent parts of the area.  Tell them Moody’s knows this tax increase fixes nothing.  Make sure they know that selling out conservative principles means they need to step aside.  Tell them to study history – it’s very clear tax hikes don’t work.

Be nice though, evidently some are scared of the people they were elected to represent.

Steven A. Andersson 65 Geneva (217) 782-5457
Terri Bryant 115 Mt. Vernon (217) 782-0387
John Cavaletto 107 Salem (217) 782-0066
C.D. Davidsmeyer 100 Jacksonville (217) 782-1840
Mike Fortner 49 West Chicago (217) 782-1653
Norine K. Hammond 93 Macomb (217) 782-0416
David Harris 53 Mount Prospect (217) 782-3739
Chad Hays 104 Danville (217) 782-4811
Sara Wojcicki Jimenez 99 Springfield (217) 782-0044
Charles Meier 108 Highland (217) 782-6401
Bill Mitchell 101 Decatur (217) 782-8163
Reginald Phillips 110 Charleston (217) 558-1040
Robert W. Pritchard 70 Sycamore (217) 782-0425
David B. Reis 109 Olney (217) 782-2087
Michael D. Unes 91 Pekin (217) 782-8152



3 thoughts on “Kick the can GOP

  1. The request was to call these legislators yesterday, even if you are not their constituents. Calling always has the most impact. I attempted to contact all of them via phone.
    It was obvious that not many people called yesterday, I didn’t have an issue getting through. Reginald Phillips (Charleston) wouldn’t allow me to leave a message.

    There must have been 4 that changed their position:
    John Cavaletto (Salem),
    C. D. Davidsmeyer (Jacksonville);
    Charles Meier (Highland), &
    David Reis (Olney).

    Robert W. Pritchard (Sycamore) was excused which tells me he didn’t want to vote and that’s the same as voting Yes!

    Here are the 10 Republicans who caved-in:
    Steve Andersson (Geneva)
    Terri Bryant (Carbondale)
    Mike Fortner (West Chicago)
    Norine Hammond (Macomb)
    David Harris (Arlington Heights)
    Chad Hays (Danville)
    Sara Jimenez (Springfield)
    Bill Mitchell (Decatur)
    Reggie Phillips (Charleston)
    Mike Unes (Peoria)

    Hope the 11 who didn’t fight against the increase taxes get voted out! Have heard that Chad Hays (Mount Prospect) will not be running again & obviously he doesn’t care the outcome!

    Moral to the story is that if you want the legislators to do the right thing, you’ve got to get involved and contact them and it is very obvious that not enough people are involved in actually doing something to make a difference. It’s so sad that people aren’t getting educated on the issues, they aren’t voting, and they aren’t holding their government officials accountable! Maybe the 32% tax hike might wake up a few more people this next year!


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