Normal: Forget something last night?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the agenda for the Town Council HERE

One required item at every meeting of every public body is missing:  Public Comment.

The Town Public Comment policy is still illegal because it requires signing up 2 hours in advance and speaking only to items on the agenda.  Since the agenda must be posted 48 hours in advance, it wasn’t left off because nobody signed up.  Koos never mentioned it.  I don’t know if anyone was not allowed to speak because it wasn’t on the agenda.  Just not having it listed on the agenda is yet another Open Meetings Act violation.  Somebody want to prosecute?   (didn’t think so)

The $26,000+ vehicle the Town is purchasing for Amtrak because they can’t afford it got some discussion.  Amtrak is providing the personnel to operate it – after extensive training.  It’s going to take about 3 months to get it, so it must be approved now.  Evidently the south track isn’t going to be in use until then.  The City Manager claimed discussions about this vehicle have gone on for a long time including the Town’s offer to buy and operate it themselves.  Instead of crossing at Broadway, it will use Linden Street.

Nobody asked what happens when Normal runs out of money buying things for people who can’t afford wants themselves.  A sports complex will be back soon.  Soccer can’t afford their own complex either, probably because they haven’t tried to afford it.  Instead of only soccer fields, government expanded the project with lots of gifts for citizens.  That provides cover for the soccer people who begged for government to do it for them.

Do you like paying for your own Christmas presents?  Local government will think you should, even if you don’t want it.

Hit play below to watch the vehicle discussion:




5 thoughts on “Normal: Forget something last night?

  1. Amtrak has an inflexible budget, but the town of Normal has an unlimited supply of tax payer money to help others out who live with an inflexible budget. When is the town of Normal going to live with an inflexible budget?


  2. Citizens who abide by the rules for public comment and come prepared to address an issue are either ignored at the meeting because the results are predetermined or are vilified in mainstream and social media. It is no wonder the general public throws up their hands and says, “I’m done.”


      1. Unless of course you are speaking in support of an item. Those individuals are recruited to speak to give the impression there is widespread public support.


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