Rauner is being TOO nice!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Democrats have super-majorities in the Springfield House and Senate.  They can pass anything they want, the Governor can veto it, and they can override the veto.  After May 31st they need 3/5 of both chambers to pass a budget, it won’t happen.

Democrats refuse to do it because tax increases would have to accompany Madigan’s out-of-control spending – see his recent budget that doesn’t balance by $7 Billion.  After the November elections, Madigan may pass a huge tax increase and his bloated budget again.  His troglodytes will happily comply to avoid being a target for seat elimination.  (sound familiar Bloomington?)

Obviously the Democrats DO NOT care about anybody who doesn’t donate to the Democrat Party.  Madigan doesn’t care about the middle class.  Jobs and people leaving the state in droves don’t deter his agenda.  He does want to give State workers a $3 Billion raise however.  He wants to give the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public School system more money.  Madigan will raid your wallet for his “pets” while slamming the door on creating a business friendly climate for anybody but his law buddies.  Chicago can be dysfunctional because you will be forced to pay for it.

Meanwhile, illegals soak up at least $3 billion Illinois tax dollars.  illinois_cost_study

If you were born here but don’t work for government, Madigan has nothing but obscene jesters for you.  The rest of the elected Democrats enjoy their cushy over-paid part-time jobs too much to care about you either.  Kissing the master’s privates is a small price to pay.

A few Republicans – emphasis on a few – are fighting back.  Most are sitting on their hands waiting for their next State check.  At least now they all may be waiting awhile for the golden eggs to land in their accounts:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-illinois-comptroller-lawmaker-paychecks-met-0418-20160417-story.html

The Illinois Republican Party is feckless.  Over 100 elected officials signed to support the Democrat-lite Republican Mark Kirk for re-election.  (He will lose in November, thanks)  The platform committee was wiped out at the GOP Convention.  Anybody with the last name Brady needs to hang up their rusty cleats and retreat to obscurity.

Gov Rauner was elected to fix Illinois.  Madigan doesn’t want it fixed.  The more dysfunctional Illinois is, the more control he has.  The democrat voters have willingly made themselves slaves to Madigan.  The elected Democrats are nothing more than worker bees serving their queen.

Rauner has tons of money.  Time to spend it Governor.  Hire a “rip-Madigan-to-shreds” PR firm.  Funding candidates who oppose Madigan hasn’t worked.  Next hire attorneys to poll watch every precinct in Chicago.  Have federal prosecutors on speed dial, baby girl Madigan won’t prosecute the voter shenanigans.

Time to quit being nice sir.  Madigan must be destroyed and you are the only guy capable of doing it.  Your trips around the state are good, but your audience is too small.  The media are not your friend, create your own media.

The citizens not working for the state are being held hostage by the ones who do.

Tired of being abused?

You can help:

  • Send a message of support to Gov Rauner:  http://www.illinois.gov/gov/contactus/Pages/default.aspx
  • Write a Letter to the Editor, call in on radio talk shows, inform fellow voters
  • Contact the Illinois Democrat Party:  http://ildems.com/contact
  • Contact the Illinois Republican Party:  http://illinois.gop/contact/
  • Contact Mike Madigan:
    Rep. Michael J. Madigan

    22nd District

    District Office
    6500 South Pulaski Road
    Chicago, IL 60629
    (773) 581-8000
    (773) 581-9414 (fax)

    Capitol Office
    300 State House
    Springfield, IL 62706
    (217) 782-5350









6 thoughts on “Rauner is being TOO nice!

  1. It’s interesting how Madigan has no electronic means of communication. Seriously, no email,Facebook, webpage, Twitter…nothing, nadda, zilch!
    On another note, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them needs to be thrown out. Politics is about compromise, and it’s clear that no one in Springfield is capable of doing this. Most people are fired when they don’t do their job. These clowns should be no different. I hope you all remember this when you go to cast your vote.

  2. Again Diane simply a lie.

    Drop the anti Union crap and a budget is done tomorrow.

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    1. Bull. What about Work Comp? Companies move to Indiana and save millions. Madigan doesn’t want it fixed because abuse is rampant and they are his voters. Please explain why the unions are running this state?

    2. Government union pension perks are under-funded because of financial mismanagement. The Illinois Lottery was to support public schools which didn’t happen because the legislature spent the money for something else. Public school teachers and administrators are more government employees with fat union pensions. The recently expired temporary tax increase was to solve budget problems. The problems are still here and getting worse. Government union contracts provide the retirees to continue to get health care coverage for life. Union contracts, incorporated into the Illinois Constitution, allow “sick leave buy-back” to pad retirement income. Now, Madigan’s proposed unbalance budget will require tax increases for the entire citizenry of Illinois to guarantee the status quo. So, Tom, you think renegotiating union contracts will have no effect on Illinois’ budget woes?

  3. Memorial day weekend, I took a trip with a good friend from Springfield. He’s runs/owns a business that does 85%+ of it’s business with the state. He HAS NOT paid HIMSELF since last year as the state owns his firm over $2 million. He’s debating to fire his 10 employees and close shop and just run the business himself for the PRIVATE sector-drop the state! How’s that work for Illinois? I’m sure there’s MANY others like him out there!! Small and BIG business will LEAVE Illinois if Madigans and Cullerton are not FORCED out of office. PERIOD!

    1. Some state agencies are finding it hard do buy from any Illinois business. They are scraping the bottom for supplies from companies who don’t sell what they need but hope they can acquire it for them. I know business owners who have refused except for cash.

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