Meet David Krupa

Meet David Krupa

and help him take out Mike Madigan’s General!

I am sending this to my entire statewide email list and beyond.  And I am asking all of you to send this guy $10 to keep his fight going against the Madigan Machine. See how to contribute below.
Here is the headline of the recent John Kass column in the Chicago Tribune:
College kid beats back the Chicago machine
and Boss Madigan blinks

Kass summed it up in his opening line, “DePaul University freshman David Krupa scored an impressive victory in Chicago politics on Saturday: Boss Madigan — the most powerful Democrat in Illinois — backed out of a challenge to Krupa’s candidacy for alderman in the Southwest Side’s 13th Ward.

“I am truly humbled to be the first candidate on the ballot to challenge the 13th Ward since 1991,” Krupa, 19, told me at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners offices on Saturday. “This is a huge defeat for (Michael) Madigan’s organization, and the beginning of the end of boss politics.”

David Krupa is a 19-year old DePaul college student who decided he didn’t like his representation in the 13th Ward of Chicago. So he circulated and filed timely and accurate petitions to run for alderman against Marty Quinn. That’s when the trouble started. Quinn attempted to get people to retract their signature on Krupa’s petitions by filing a signed affidavit that they wanted to rescind their signature – the problem is over 2600 of them never signed his petition in the first place, so it looks like they may have committed a felony by signing a false affidavit.

Well, this young man and his lawyer are going after them and they need our support to challenge these Madigan flunkies and to then win the race for Alderman and take out Madigan’s top political operative from his $104,000 city council job.

Earlier this year, the Sun Times described Quinn as, “a top-notch political operative known to colleagues as the “The General,” who masterminds pivotal legislative races in a way that has helped Madigan hang onto his Democratic majority in Springfield.”

So, taking Marty Quinn out as Alderman is like taking on Mike Madigan at his home – Mike Madigan lives in the 13th Ward and it has been his base to get elected for 50 years – and Marty Quinn keeps everyone in line and working to keep Madigan elected. Marty Quinn is also the brother of Kevin Quinn who earlier this year was fired from both his taxpayer job and his political job with Madigan due to a sexual harassment complaint by another Madigan campaign worker.

Read these articles on the whole story that has become national news and then contribute to Krupa via his campaign website, his GOFUNDME account or send him a check and a thank you for taking on Boss Madigan.


Here is David’s website:

You can donate at that site via credit/debit card or mail him a check at the following address. Make the checks out to “Help Krupa Make a Difference”

Help Krupa Make a Difference
P.O. Box 389175
Chicago, IL 60638

We need to support young courageous talent willing to go up against the Chicago machine. Let’s send Madigan a message that we are still in the fight here in Illinois. God Bless David Krupa.

Best Regards,

Jeanne Ives







21 thoughts on “Meet David Krupa

  1. Isn’t it sad that Illinois needs to work extra hard to convince people to take a stand against corruption? This young man is amazing. He and his attorney are pulling off something of a miracle in the Land of Corruption. I hope the other Madigan soldiers, loyalists, and Chicago Machine politicians heed this warning shot. It seems Marty is worried to have an opponent on the ballot. That speaks volumes. I hope David’s supporters get to the polls early, so they don’t get stuck behind all the dead people waiting in line to vote.

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  2. Hate to burst your bubble, but even if this guy wins he’ll have nothing to do with Illinois House or Madigan. If he wins he’ll be in the Chicago City Council, as a freshman council member with little power. I don’t know where you get your political information, but no matter what, things don’t work the way you have stated in Illinois or in any other state or city or political party. You don’t run for a city council seat and suddenly go up against a State Speaker no matter what state in the country you’re in….regardless of party.


    1. You missed the actual point of the article – by challenging any arm of the beast, you ARE mounting a challenge to the beast itself oh, it won’t take DOWN the beast, but the beast will be at least bruised and scratched a little, and then the “death by a thousand cuts” can begin, hopefully in earnest (actually a long but effective strategy) – plus take out enough pawns and it’s easier to get at the rooks, knights and bishops and eventually the King because he has lost his protection.


      1. No I’m not missing the point of the article. You’re talking about two different political entities, Chicago City Council and the Illinois House of Representatives. If this kid wins, which he won’t, he still won’t have any power. In any challenge to power you have to have power, it’s that simple. Being a freshman Chicago city council member is not a powerful position. Sorry Mr. Krupa will not win, being a far right ideologue will not fly in Chicago. Even if he was running for the Illinois house, most Republicans find that they have work with Madigan to get things done.


    2. My own personnel experience. A civic organization I was a member of had the opportunity to install lights at a closed school’s ball diamond for our Little League Baseball program. Three from our group were chosen to go before the local School Board to ask permission to do this on their Ball Diamond. Short version, they asked us to do lots of restructuring of the grounds at our expense to be able to put the lights up. So we knew we would have to come back again after conferring with the membership. Shortly after the Board moved on to the next item of business, the Superintendent, stopped the meeting, looked at us three and said to our spokes person, “You Can Leave Now, and Take Your Two Henchmen With You.” The President of the Board was also President of the State Of Illinois School Boards Organization. I knew we could not get the Superintendent removed, but also knew if we could vote the President off the School Board, the Super would leave at the end of that year. And we did it. We got busy and went to meetings and held meetings and were able to defeat the President at the ballot box and that Superintendent announce his leaving within 60 days of the election. My point here is, if you Never Start, You Will Never Win. Sorry for the length.


  3. Clueless? O.K. Tell me how a far right ideologue who is a Trump supporter is going to win a Chicago City Council seat? He isn’t. Trump in Chicago is toxic, Chicagoans hate Trump. He’s also a Republican another point against Krupa. He’s simply not going to win. You can sit around in your fantasy bubble, but Krupa no matter what isn’t going to be on the Chicago City Council. The other fact is that anyone here commenting is not going to be able to vote for him, so your opinion of him is moot.


    1. You have to be what is noted as a clueless sheeple….(Thoughtplickins) With people like you we would be singing God Save the Queen and driving on the left side of the road. Probably never made it to the moon or have half the tech we possess as “It can’t be done” Pathetic at best.


  4. And what does any of that have to do with someone who is unelectable? Nothing. Marty Quinn is pretty popular with his 17th Ward constituents, so why would anyone vote for someone they don’t know? Because a blogger in Central Illinois wants Krupa elected? I don’t think so…Also when exactly did a seat in the Chicago City Council become a fight to free us from Great Britain? I’m confused, are we in some sort of time warp? Why are we “think speaking German” (sic)? Wie blöd! In den Kaninchenbau.


    1. Your comment proves how clueless and unable to comprehend anything above 2nd grade literature. Go back to school, learn history and try hard at reading comprehension. I again believe by your comment placement in 2nd grade would be right.


      1. O.K. come back February 27 of 2019 when Krupa loses the election and tell me how clueless I am about Chicago politics. Incumbents have a huge leg up on being re-elected, especially popular incumbents. This has nothing to do with “history” or anything you’re talking about, but how things work in this world. The fact that you had to add an ad hominem attack against me tells me everything about you.


  5. The problems with the Republican party in Illinois are legion, but we can begin with the mentality of Thoughtplickins. He obviously got his talking points from the establishment, possibly even Bruce Rauner himself.

    I’ve been involved in a lot of campaigns and I can honestly say I’ve lost more elections than I’ve won. We’ve got to get over our fears of loosing elections. If all we’re about is winning an election, then we will surely compromise our values. When we do that we have no message which is exactly the position Republicans are in right now. If you’re going to stand up to Mike Madigan then launch an all out assault from every angle and at every level, expose his corruption, challenge it at every level and yes, take him to court and start getting things held up for him in the court system. We need to run candidates like this young man. He might not win, but at least he gets his message out and we can begin to start addressing the issues.

    So many people gave me the same song and dance when I supported Jeanne Ives. So many people told me she couldn’t win. Now the truth has come out that Rauner tried to recruit others to run in his place. Jeanne Ives may not have won against JB, but at least she could have presented the issues and given the voters a clear choice. She couldn’t have done any worse than Rauner.


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