Proposed Zoning may crush you

By:  Diane Benjamin

Proposed Zoning ordinance:

Normally when changes are made to existing ordinances the original version is used as a baseline document.  Parts are crossed out and the proposed changes are listed.  This document is not presented like that.  Therefore, it must be a total re-write of all zoning ordinances.  Considering the document is 246 pages of gobbly-goop impossible to understand charts obviously meant to control property rights, you should be afraid.  Finding the “right fit” looks like the goal, limiting progress will be the result.

A few items I found by not looking very hard:

PDF page 20

People who live on very busy streets find it almost impossible to back out of their driveway safely.  In order to turn around allowing them to pull straight out, some have installed a gravel area.  Looks like that would be banned, much more expensive pavement would be required.  Of course these problems don’t exist in areas where people can afford it.

PDF page 21

Garage sales are almost always held outside.  Why does anybody from the City need to enter your premise?

PDF page 23

Seriously, who goes downtown to shop?

The McLean County Democrats announced they are moving downtown.  They will be taking over Churchill’s Formal Wear which is closing.  Another retail store bites the dust downtown.

PDF page 33

Employee and position list:

Bloomington has Code Enforcement people, there is no position labeled Zoning Enforcement Officer.  Does that mean they are going to hire one?


Zoning Enforcement Officer is mentioned on PDF pages: 9, 15, 24, 33, 40, 215

This person is finally described on PDF page 241:

The pages following list all the powers this person will have.

Code enforcers have been combing the City ticketing people for things like downspouts that are too long.

Another army of zoning enforcers will be unleashed.

Bloomington hasn’t seen anything yet if these zoning changes are approved.

The entire ordinance needs dumped.  Your property already isn’t yours because of ridiculous property taxes.  The proposed changes further limit your right to private property.



24 thoughts on “Proposed Zoning may crush you

  1. Moving to the country won’t save you. Remember, Pink Hair is on the County Board now. If you must remain in Central Illinois (rather than move to a functional State), you really only have 2 choices: Dewitt County to the South, or Woodford County to the North. You will probably be safe for at least a few more years. Bloomington is the “first to go”, and is both damned and doomed.


  2. If “Sound systems can only be used at an auction” then ya can’t even sit and listen to the radio cause it’s a sound system! Does that include headphones??? I mean,,,Holy Toledo Batman is this the work of the Joker? Even worse Boy Wonder, they’re gonna shut down grandpa’s bi-monthly garage sales cause now garage salse can only be held in the same location three times a year. Granny will never be able to afford that eye operation now!

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  3. “The historically downtown MAJOR RETAIL and COMMUNITY CENTER will continue in this capacity moving FORWARD” FORWARD to WHAT? Ghost town status. Since the CHOCOLATE shop left the ONLY reason to go downtown is Common Ground!! This is a REAL LAUGH! someone has a really misguided perception of prosperity..
    What about CHURCH garage sales, EVERYONE brings stuff to them.. How about the Farmers Market-NONE of those people LIVE there. This is SO its specific that it would take “legal” 10 years to amend all this crap..

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    1. “The historically downtown MAJOR RETAIL and COMMUNITY CENTER will continue in this capacity moving FORWARD” Right and I am the tooth fairy on the weekends….


  4. This whole zoning plan has Katie Simpson’s stink all over it. I had the misfortune of sitting near hear at Coffee Hound back in June and overheard her talking about the proposed zoning changes. I specifically recall her saying something along the lines of completely flipping the code and how it would anger a majority of people. She then followed by saying she didn’t care because she felt is was badly needed. Leaders in Bloomington and Normal are both massively out of touch with citizens.

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    1. They are also out-of-touch with reality. Expect another downsizing from State Farm… more highly paid jobs turning into low wage jobs or at some point they will be forced to dramatically reduce their head count in Bloomington. And our leadership worries about gutters and garage sales? OMG!


      1. I hear the same, LAWRENCE555. It’s also common knowledge, I think, that State Farm has maintained virtually no dialog or relationship with the City of Bloomington. Tipsord has said behind closed doors that the city has done nothing for State Farm, and we (meaning State Farm) don’t owe them anything. But, no worries, we’ll form the “garage sale special victims unit” and “CSI driveway” to create a better environment and ensure a high quality of life. Hahahahahaha!


      2. As State farm reduces, it’s a good thing Rivian is gaining speed. Another huge investment from another major player announced as Amazon invests $700 million in the company. Still think they won’t ever build a car, Lawrence?


  5. When has downtown been the city’s “major retail center”? Or even a modestly sized retail area? Or retail area at all? This is laughable. Such wordsmithing. I was looking for an asterisk or footnote that said: “From city formation until 1950.” Tari and his elitist pals are so consumed with micromanaging and centrally planning the local economy. They are literally telling taxpayers that you can’t be trusted and that we in government (and our friends) know what’s best for you. This is social engineering at its finest. They will be redoing all of Downtown Bloomington, if left unchallenged. Tari can’t win with convincing arguments, so he resorts to a hostile takeover of the community via redoing the zoning rules. His ego won’t allow him to see that the very ideas, policies, and leadership tactics he believes will build Bloomington are actually hastening its decline.

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  6. Also by command of our glorious leader:
    Brown shirts and armbands must be worn at all times.
    These must be approved by the city council and have Tari Renner’s signature of approval on them and clearly displayed.
    What next?


  7. Be on guard, the private ownership of property is on the chopping block, one whack at a time. After all, it is a precept of Socialism and that is the road they are taking us DOWN!

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  8. What’s next? The city code enforcers are watching Craig’s list to make sure you don’t have more than three private sales out of your house/garage more than three times a year?


  9. Look for permit fees for Yard sales in the very near future They will likely be 25 to 50 dollars – They have disliked garage/yard sales for a long time – they can’t stand that they are not getting any taxes from those sales and those peasants are making money that “they” will have a hard time tracking as well.


  10. Well next time we get our water bills I hope they at least warn up and send out a flyer that just gets right to the point and tells it like it is.
    ATT: SERFS, THAT MEANS YOU. Please be advised that you are now no longer able to have more that three (garage) sales out of your house or garage because it’s against the law. Failure to comply will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law which may result in you being fineed and/or imprisoned. Regards, Tari – I am the mayor.


  11. Sound systems can only be used at auctions??? Now does this mean that these annoying and obnoxious gangbangers riding around in their vehicles are not going to be allowed to blast their filthy Rap music spewing the “N” word, “F” words and White “B” words in our neighborhoods anymore? Oh! What a minute this only applies to property owners whats wrong with me! They would never try and stop disruptive thugs from doing their harassment of our neighborhoods after all our police are now handcuffed by the Obamabot pro-criminal Review Board they have to answer to!!! 😦


  12. Whats next? Breaking your door down and burning offensive books? Monitoring your TV watching? Will the Brown Shirts be watching what you wear? How about monitoring your grocery purchases ? This way lies the path of SOCIALISM !


  13. 4-5 A. item 3 on group sales opens the door for even the premises of contributors to be entered. Yet there is no clear definition of a group sale. This could easily be interpreted that a garage sale having more than one contributor of falling under the group sale guidelines. The few parts I have read show that the ordinance is poorly written and certainly a government take over of the private citizens rights. Will Normal also follow the lead of the socialists in Bloomington?


  14. I am working to sell property here.
    I have money to take and spend in another state!!!
    I can’t wait!!!
    Keep your socialism to yourself…by the way, voters, you sure know how to pick em!!


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