Oops: More on Normal for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Children’s Discovery Museum has a new Wind exhibit.  Just like real wind turbines, it was subsidized with tax dollars.  They got a grant from the bankrupt State of Illinois – Department of Natural Resources.

The grant didn’t cover the entire expense however.  The problem is somebody forgot to get Council approval for the balance, up to $127,000.  The documentation claims the Town will pay the bill and then be reimbursed from the Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation:

The General Fund will be reimbursed by the Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation upon receipt of pledges, grants, and donations in support of the project.

PDF page 51


A reader sent me this:

Apparently the staff mistakenly approved a 127k expenditure and are asking taxpayers to pay for their mistake.  What the public should be told is:
– when this mistake happened
– how long till it was discovered
– who overstepped their bounds and approved this
– what was the discipline
– what change has been made to prevent this from happening in the future
– is this an expense that is truly needed or are we just paying it to cover someone’s mistake
– has this individual overstepped on other contracts
The latest tax return filed by the Foundation on-line is from June 2016.  It shows revenues decreased a lot for 2015.
Does the Foundation have the money to pay the Town back?
Or do they have to wait for pledges, grants, and donations?
If somebody has seen the exhibit, does it mention how much more expensive electricity from wind is?  Does it mention how much oil it takes to keep the blades moving?  Does it mention how many eagles wind turbines have killed?  Does it mention how long each turbine lasts?  Does it mention the noise and health effects it causes to people who live nearby?

7 thoughts on “Oops: More on Normal for Monday

    1. Yeah seriously, there’s a ton of indoctrination going on under the supervision of their ultra-liberal director Beth Whisman. She’ll tout how she grew up in Kentucky with conservative roots but she’s super liberal all the way through. Her staff is no better. Pretty much all of them are raging SJW’s.

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  1. $127000?
    Wow, for that much I was really disappointed. Inserting various blades into the model wind turbines didn’t stay in place when they spun. Half of the cylinders didn’t work properly when you moved the forced air tubes underneath. One of the displays already broke.
    They should bring back the Asian inspired display, that was interesting.


  2. If there is a wind turbine exhibit at the museum, my family and I will not longer be visiting. It is a slap in the face to all rural residents who voted against these ridiculous projects that are disruptive to so many and that will not be the financial windfall that Invenergy wants people to believe. Bye, museum. No annual passes under this grandma’s tree next week.

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