Reprinted with permission from Guns Save Lives:

Age limits, bump stock ban, extended waiting periods and a ban on body armor and “high caliber” ammo

Mike Madigan has quite a lineup ready for Illinois’ residents this Wednesday.  Despite government’s failure in Florida to protect those kids from a savage sicko, Madigan and the Chicago Democrat Machine want to saddle Prairie State Residents with more gun control.  Here is the tentative lineup.

These bill are required to have an hour’s notice before a quick hearing to send them to the Illinois House floor.  Given that Speaker Madigan has promoted this “Gun Day Wednesday”, the bills will make it onto the House floor most expeditiously.

Here’s the lineup we know about:

House Bill 1465 – Michelle Mussman – New Age Limits for purchasing firearms.  Because 18- and 19-year-olds fighting for our nation shouldn’t be trusted with sporting rifles when home on leave.

House Bill 1467 – Marty Moyland – A new bump stock ban, probably narrowly crafted to avoid the humiliating defeat his earlier ball took last fall.  Looking dispassionately at bump stocks and the current political climate, I think this one has the greatest likelihood of passage.  And it’s not a hill worth dying upon.

House Bill 1468 – John Carroll – Extended waiting period.  Waiting periods keep victims waiting, not criminals.

House Bill 1469 – Dan Burke – Prohibit possession of body armor and “high-caliber” ammunition.  Because good guys shouldn’t be able to protect themselves from bad guys’ bullets!


But wait, there’s more!

Things are VERY fluid at the moment.  Obviously Michael Madigan wants to take attention away from sexual harassment scandals and other issues under the Capitol dome by using gun control as a big shiny distraction.

Two big bills they want to pass Wednesday include the gun dealer licensing scheme (HB-1657) and the trailer bill.  But they’ve also floated bans on semi-automatic rifles, standard capacity magazines (no surprises there, right?), but also hiking FOID renewals to as much as $100 or $125.  (There’s probably not a lot of support for that, but again things are fluid at the moment.)

Please use the link below to contact your State Legislators if you don’t already have their phone numbers in your phone:


No, we don’t have committee assignments yet…  and when the amendments to the above noted shell bills get posted, you’ll have only minutes to file witness slips.  It’s far more important to just call your legislators, especially your Illinois House members.  Tell them to vote NO on any gun control bills!

And spread this far and wide on your social media or via email to friends and family.

Since criminals don’t obey laws, the only person losing rights is you.

3 thoughts on “IL GUN DAY WEDNESDAY:

  1. Support your 2nd Amendment Rights!
    East Central Illinois Friends of NRA Banquet, April 5, 2018
    Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day, Rally and March, Springfield, April 25, 2018

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  2. Our local leaders despise when residents demonstrate their rights under the First Amendment…I’m not confident they’ll respect our right to support the Second.

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  3. A full court press is being done NOW by the LEFT on both the state and federal levels to take away all gun rights. Be sure to attend ILL. Gun Owner Lobby Day, April 25,2018 in Springfield. If you cannot come BE SURE to call your Ill. senator and representative, April 25, opposing all gun control legislation and pressures.

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