I bet you missed the premier of Lorenz’s version of SHUT UP STAN

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you happened to watch the Normal Town Council meeting last night you might have shut it off before they got to Council comments.  You missed proof Normal isn’t government For and By The People, it’s for and by the staff.  Kathleen Lorenz went on a long diatribe condemning Stan Nord for actually representing the people who pay for Lorenz and company’s folly.

Unfortunately it is long but every citizen of Normal needs to hear it.  Lorenz perfectly says what the entire Council and Mayor think and why next April no one running for re-election should get your vote:

Lorenz does not understand why elections are held.  She does not represent the people who voted for her, she represents the staff.  There are a lot of good people working for the Town of Normal who understand they are spending other people’s money – leadership does not.  She accused Stan of disrespecting the staff with his “tone”.  She really hates Stan’s Facebook live recaps he does after after every Council meeting letting citizens know what happened.

Proving he is a class act Stan Nord did not respond to Kathleen, he spoke after her about issues he is passionate about like bus service at the VA Clinic and auto-renewing contracts and leases the Town has for way below market value.  He represents you, Lorenz does not.  She wants the Council to always vote 7-0 to show unity.

Kathleen really misses the 5-10 minute Pre-Stan meetings where

none of them questioned spending or polices.

Lorenz laments Stan comes across as Them vrs Us.  She must think the Ryburn lease for $120 a year is fiscally responsible.  She must think paying property taxes the Town doesn’t owe is fiscally responsible.  Lorenz must think the LAVISH underpass design and cistern water feature fleecing taxpayers is fiscally responsible.  Kathleen thinks spending thousands of dollars on advertising for a closed theater is also responsible because she trusts Beth Whisman.

A lot of people don’t Kathleen!

Long time readers know the items I listed is the SHORT list of flagrant taxpayer abuse.

Town Trustees are elected to stand between government and the people.  Kathleen only represents government, she conned her voters.  She would rather spend time at Chamber galas and being “seen” than protect your money.

Lorenz accused the rest of the council of putting up with Stan.  McCarthy attacked Stan earlier for daring to question spending, I expect the attacks to increase as the election next April gets closer.  Stan is not going to fold, thank him for working for you.

This is MUST SEE video for everyone who thought government was working for them.  They aren’t.  Watch the faces of the others while she is talking.


27 thoughts on “I bet you missed the premier of Lorenz’s version of SHUT UP STAN

  1. CLASSIC “uptown” rhetoric! Problem is, Stan IS representing us. and IS listening here, while Kimberely looks like she NEEDS coffee, and 3 others are checking their text messages… People MAY trust you Kathleen, but SOME people also trusted Bernie Madoff!! You have a LOT in common!

  2. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. She is talking about Stan tearing down and her entire speech is tearing Stan down…the hypocrisy is astounding! I think she’s a total flake. If she thinks this makes her looks good she is out of her ever loving mind.

    1. She is a pretty pathetic human being and someone who should not be within 2 miles of a leadership position.

      The citizens (taxpayers) should be enraged by her and the conduct of the mayor and city council.

      Citizens of Normal: You are being ruled not governed.

      When is enough, enough?

      Maybe a march on city hall?

      A peaceful protest from “Taxpayers’ Money Matters”? #TMM


      T-shirts with “I can’t pay you anymore” or “Taxpayer Power”?

  3. If you act frugal with tax spending and accountable to those you are there to represent .. , then you gain trust , but if your behavior shows a wasteful so what attitude ,, then if you get called out , maybe you need to chose to do right or get out .

  4. Nothing makes someone squirm in their seat more than being asked point blank questions that they do not want to answer. Leadership IS ASKING those questions. I am so glad not to live in these twin cities.

  5. This woman doesn’t understand life. Trust and respect are earned which is something she has not done anything to deserve such. Trust and respect is given to those who do their job competently. It is highly unlikely Lorenz will achieve this.

  6. OMG Would she have had the balls to make this rehearsed speech if she was eye-to-eye with Stan??!!

    1. Who knows, good point. The lack of access to local government via electronic media is intentional. Koos couldn’t have created a more perfect storm. They’re going to ride out this pandemic for all that it’s worth. Never let a crisis go to waste.

      1. Her and Scottie (Room service) Preston. He’d like to be chairman. No thanks! He’s Kathy’s ideal public servant. Go along to get along.

  7. Telling Stan the vote needs to be 7-0 means you are expected to check your opinion at the door, shut the F-up, and rubber stamp what Koos or Pam wants.

    She does not understand people voted for her expecting she would represent them over what government wants. The voters were so deceived.

    I don’t trust Normal’s government, why the hell should Stan. I would not of voted for him if he did.

  8. Kathleen has shown everybody who she’s always been deep down inside, a go-along-to-get-along Town Council member with no real convictions who will not only carry the water for Koos, but do his bidding by attacking anyone with a difference of opinion. While she’s happy to glad-hand at the Kiwanis and Chamber gala event, she might be surprised to know just how many of the people she rubs elbows with actually voted for Stan and are on to the con job. The arrogant and despicable actions of Koos and “his” Council of late are quite possibly the best election strategy that Marc Tiritilli could have never imagined in his wildest dreams. Finally, I think we cannot begin to underscore how well Stan conducted himself. It’s very difficult to stand there and be insulted and berated, especially when you’re in the right, without arguing back. Bravo, Stan! You demonstrated discipline, pose, and a refusal to stoop to the level of the other members of the Council. You may not know it, but that did not go unnoticed. And by the way, rather than striking back, Stan used his time to (of all things under the sun) actually advocate for citizens and propose solutions. Imagine that?!

  9. This is about as over the top as Jeff Fritzen’s sanctimonious rant against Marc Tiritilli. The message is clear. Go against the establishment and there will be hell to pay. Kathleen Lorenz epitomizes the establishment. She’s bought and paid for by Sonja Reece. Yes, Pam’s mother-in-law.

  10. I’m really, really trying to limit my time on comments on any platform but this deserves one. Even though I live in Bloomington, I wish Stan Nord was my representative. In fact, Stan Nord is the only representative left on either council that deserves the community’s support and respect. Instead of worrying about feelings, creating holidays, or grandstanding for the next political position of the day, Stan ran on making government more transparent and asking where the money goes. So far, I see he has done nothing wrong. I truly do not know how he had the personal discipline not to tell the sanctimonious Lorenz where to stick it with the grade school lecture.

  11. Lorenz is getting flack from her crony pals who have gotten fat off her being in office. CIRBN, Soccer Complex people, Sprague Station, Portillios, Farmsworth, ISU, Dan Brady, and don’t forget Sonya Reece who lives in the $4k per mo government subsidized housing project called 1 Uptown. Remember Koos hand picked and appointed Lorenz. He cultivated and paved her way to the council. She is committed to saying and voting however Koos instructs. Koos and Co need to shut Stan down before the gravy train ends for their cronies. It was just Kathleen’s turn to take a stab at Stan last night.

    Kathleen proved not all bullies are male.

      1. She made a complete fool out of herself. What I can’t get over is the idiocy
        of it all. Absolute idiotic. I can’t believe we have people this stupid in public office. Then I look at Bloomington and conclude, yes we do.

  12. Oh Kathleen, climb down off your high horse. That was painful. It seems to me if you wanted to lecture someone about their “tone” – it might be better spent on publicly targeting Pam. Remember, she works for you. But maybe you miss her tone. I do not. Or maybe if you wanted to talk about someone on the “team” and their use of Facebook you could have brought up the Mayor. But you probably miss his snooty vague-booking posts. I do not. You targeted one person on purpose. I’m sure Pam and Chris did their best to hide their smiles. As a taxpayer and voter I am furious at your 7-0 comments. When you suggest that questioning expenses, staff, or policy, is not good – you prove why you are a poor fit to represent the majority of this Town. Unfortunately, the majority of this Town does not vote. I want someone to question WHY we pay $35K a month rent for a city hall. Do you know what kind of a facility we could have built with that over the years? I want someone to question why we paid taxes on property we shouldn’t. Why we rent property at well below the market rate. I expect a Councilperson to question. Every single one of them. Run the Town like the rest of us must run our households. That’s what I ask. I get that it is a thankless job – but save your lectures and b.s. for someone more deserving. Stan Nord – we do not know one another – but I appreciate the job you are doing and the questions you are asking….please continue to do so.

  13. I see Koos is now using someone else to berate Stan. What’s the matter Koos? Afraid? Or just too senile todo your rant personally?

  14. And now we know that for 15 months, this council woman has been miserable. Her heart and her mind have been troubled as she has developed a “concern for our council” and “our” behavior. There were lots of “ours” until she got ready to unload her burdens, and then it was all about Stan…for over seven of her fourteen “I can’t handle it anymore” minutes!

    She wants trust! She wants 7 to 0 votes! She wants common ground and agreement! And don’t abstain! That’s weak (even though facts are missing from a proposal.) And she wants her first and third Mondays to be valuable and (my words) free of any sort of conflict or disagreement. AND SHE CHOOSES TO BE IN PUBLIC OFFICE???

    Surely this address went through many drafts. Editors likely included S. Reece, C. Gaines, C. Koos, P. Reece, K. McCarthy, and unsuccessful council candidates of the past. In other words, those who are the mainstays of Ms. Lorenz’s base likely held many conflabs to push her along.

    Council persons in any community are viewed as leaders in one way or the other. Ms. Lorenz is not a leader in any sense of the word. She cannot deal with conflict; she will not tolerate differing views; and she longs for peace and harmony. Some say this was the first in a series of well-orchestrated min-speeches leading up to an announcement of her run for Mayor. If she is miserable now, can you even picture the melt-down she would have as Mayor?

    Ms. Lorenz, you have served for many years in various governmental positions. It’s not fun to be unhappy in your job. You don’t deserve to have these burdens to bear. There’s only one way to fix that, and you know the answer. Wishing you well in your next career.

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