Normal: The 7:00 meeting Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal met for almost 4 hours last night. See the 6:00 pm Work Session story here:

I’m going to start with the END of the regular meeting since I might have been one of the few still awake watching it.

Chris Koos is attempting to fix his image since he was likely warned the Attorney General is finally getting around to ruling the Public Comment Policy illegal.

Koos thinks he is holding a business meeting – the business of Normal. This is yet another reason he will lose the next election. He is actually holding a meeting to do the PEOPLE’S business. The illegal Public Comment policy cuts out the PEOPLE.

Instead of just letting people say whatever they want (free speech), he wants to change the policy to “comments germane to the agenda” at the beginning of the meeting and anything else at the end. Last night that would have been at almost 10:00 pm.

Had enough of the Koos tyranny? Citizens need to comment at the beginning on ANY topic and let Koos cut them off. Quit being SHEEP! The citizens of Normal don’t work for Koos – he works for YOU. The Koos changes do nothing to make the policy legal.

Remember when Kathleen Lorenz chided Stan Nord on civility?

Koos broke the Lorenz’s civility rules and attacked Stan Nord for having a difference of opinion. Nord didn’t take the bait. Koos was upset Stan encouraged people accused of breaking the COVID ordinances to claim they are protesting. Koos specifically said protesting is fine at the special meeting. Koos thought because he had 6 votes Stan should just comply with the majority.

Instead of torturing all citizens the ordinances should have temporarily ended Connect Transit service and car shares from campus and the surrounding area so the super spreaders can’t infect the rest of us. ISU should also have been told to do a better job controlling their kids. Instead Koos ordered restrictions on people that aren’t the problem.

Hit play below to hear Koos, it should start at 2:34:57. Stay tuned for Part 2.

5 thoughts on “Normal: The 7:00 meeting Part 1

  1. Koos, saying “we” in your speech concerning complaints about public comment should have been “I”. You set this draconian rule on public comment fess up to it. Your whining about Stan Nord calling you out proves what a self absorbed small person you are. If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Another way to look at it is you can dish it out but you can’/t take it. Me thinks doth protest too much….

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  2. Obviously the Mayor is trying to spin an illegal public comment policy in his favor. Either the attorney general’s office is finally working through the complaints that have been presented to them from the citizens of Normal or Mayor Koos is trying to get ahead of what surely should be a campaign issue in the next election. Either way, the mayor continues to fight a losing battle that is extremely condescending to the citizens of our community.

    Several years ago when I challenged the illegal 40 day rule, Council tried to get ahead of this by voting to drop the policy. They didn’t want anyone to know about my case and wanted to make it look as if they were working to change the rules on their own. Truth is they never would have changed this rule without my case. They had no choice. The Public Access Counselor ruled in my favor and told them to drop the rule.

    I suspect that’s what’s happening now with the proposed change of policy. Why else would the mayor be acting now to change things when he’s been so strongly opposed to it in the past? What he’s proposing is still unacceptable.

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  3. Is it just me, or is the most entertaining part of these meetings watching the Mayor, Pam, Kathleen, and McCarthy get their panties in a bunch!! Good Lord. I realize that they dislike Stan Nord on the Council. He goes against the grain of the long standing full speed ahead – plan the work and work the plan. What I hear when he speaks is this …. Do we have a local vendor where we can spend the taxpayer’s money for pond treatment and aeration, golf carts, or any other major purchases here in Normal or McLean County? This seems like a reasonable question. Do you know what I did NOT hear? I never heard anyone say there is no one local. In fact, as Pam suggests – they can call us…we don’t need to call them. And the group piles on to berate Stan. This is unacceptable. Staff should be able to say – for big expenditures – we have checked and have no local vendors who could possibly do this for a comparable price. If they can’t, they haven’t done their job. You haven’t done your job Pam.

    What I hear Stan saying is we already have established trail in disrepair. Can we use the grant to maintain what we have instead of building additional trail, which will require additional maintenance, which we do not appear to be able to keep up with right now. Can’t fix what we have…but let’s build more! But why not, it’s not the taxpayer’s money!! Well it is…but it is not, right McCarthy? This is unacceptable.

    I could go on with the water project, or numerous other questions that Stan has asked since being elected. It is sad that the majority of the Council (and the Town Manager) hear noise when he speaks, but as a taxpayer, I hear very legitimate questions. And therein lies the problem that they just don’t seem to get.

    One final thought for Mayor Koos. I think it was last week you made a comment that came off to me as rather snide. It was about your opponent in the last election. You said something like “He didn’t concede the election, He lost the election.” To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat displays a strength of character and honor they say. You are displaying yours. That sounded like something Trump would say :):)

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  4. On the Covid situation. Having an elderly mother who I shelter, ie: I keep her out of the store and other “non essential places”. I would kindly like to ask mr Koos, Dietz and the REST of uptown to SEND the students home!!
    I believe IF they do not, they will set a precedent here that will tarnish the reputation of ISU and the students foor a LONG time to come. Especially IF their antics cost LOCAL lives.


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