Early Voting is SLOW – Yippy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m hearing early voting numbers are very low.  That’s a good thing!  There is LOTS of campaigning yet to do, voters need facts first.  The actual election isn’t until March 20th!

Thanks to Bruce Rauner’s endless mailings filled with lies, Jeanne Ives now has name recognition across the state.  I can’t believe a so-called Republican is desperate enough make up his own facts.  See the Ives responses with some humor here:  https://ivesforillinois.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Responses-to-Rauners-Deceitful-Campaign-Ads.pdf

One person who did vote early was Nikita Richards.  Did she vote when she was supposed to be working for the City of Bloomington or just post this pic to Facebook during working hours?  Campaigning on public property is illegal Nikita!

Calls for Mike Madigan to step down as the head of the Democrat Party in Illinois are increasing after he fired two associates over sexual harassment complaints. 

Evidently it took months before he acted.  The Chicago Tribune has details with more stories linked at the bottom: 




15 thoughts on “Early Voting is SLOW – Yippy!

    1. I wonder if she has any Republican friends. I used to have mostly democrat friends, but then I disagreed with some of their ideas. I very quickly became “the enemy”! It’s not funny that many tried to silence me when I was true to my beliefs. So I guess I was never really a friend. I was a sheep. It’s very freeing to follow the truth instead of a lie. I’m glad I found Diane’s blog and started paying attention. I hope Nikita and others wake up to the truth. We may not agree on politics, but I think we all, deep down, believe that real freedom means having the ability to be true to our conscious and loyal to citizens, not lobbyist. I don’t agree with Nikita. I won’t vote for her, but if she wins I will advocate for myself and my neighbors. I can’t support anyone who is supported by Renner or Buragas. Those two have no cares for this community.

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  1. Ives will fight corruption. She will be credible in this fight because she is not corrupt. If Illinois can fight corruption 85% of our problems will be solved. I feel like Ives has the best thing known to man going for her. She is honest.


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