Why was Subway’s rent lowered?

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 41  http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2891

The Subway located inside Uptown Station isn’t prospering as expected.  It might have something to do with the Town not allowing them to have a sign visible from the street so people know they are there.   From the discussion last Monday, the Town may allow them to use Sandwich Boards for advertising.  The ones the Town uses to tell people not to stop in front of the building don’t work, but maybe these will.

It looks like Subway was paying $1,927.33  per month.  The new schedule will be:

What nobody mentioned is passenger traffic at Uptown dropped dramatically in 2016, but did recover some of the losses in 2017.  Travel is not back to 2015 levels.


It would have made more sense to allow a Subway lighted sign on the building.

Town policy is now costing $900 a month.

I wonder what else is down in Uptown?


9 thoughts on “Why was Subway’s rent lowered?

  1. Signs are the #1 source of “on sight” advertising! I didn’t know there was a Subway there.. Guess I was too distracted with the Rt 66 museum on Pine Street OR maybe it was watching the cars roll out of Rivian. Gee, there’s SOOO much going on in UPTOWN…


  2. The Town of Normal is shooting itself in the foot. Signage for Subway would generate more food/beverage tax. Instead, the Town reduces rent which loses more revenue. What is their problem?


  3. Interesting, I never knew there was a Subway there. It could definitely use a sign.
    Also another problem is if you cross the street to get to it you will fall into a pothole. Then you will have to sue the city. Which in turn raises your taxes. They should just close it. At least this is what my study shows.


  4. I knew there was a Subway there only because I took the train. I don’t believe there is an entrance directly to Subway. Although it has been a few years since I’ve been inside the station. I cannot imagine the line of bull that was fed to these owners that would convince them to not have a sign!


  5. A question no one is asking: Why should monthly commercial rent in Bloomington/Normal cost as much as a monthly mortgage payment (escrow included) for a nice three bedroom house?


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