Dear Lisa Madigan,

Attorney General,

Wanting Open and Transparent Government was a great idea.  God knows Illinois suffers from more corruption than most other states, but lip services doesn’t fix the problems.  You created the Public Access Office to give citizens a remedy for holding government accountable.  If the office worked, Illinois would be a better place to live.  But, your office has failed the citizens of Illinois.

Have you seen your Dad’s approval ratings?  He probably doesn’t care, but you should.  The apple isn’t falling far from the tree!  The citizens are noticing.

Evidently you don’t have the staff to handle all the complaints filed.  Waiting a year or more to get a ruling, most of which have no teeth, accomplishes nothing.  Government has no fear because the elected could be long retired before your office gets around to making a decision.

Even obvious violations can’t get a timely ruling.  Government goes on their merry way knowing nobody will care by the time you get around to issuing a decision.  Even then, most are a jumble of legalize with instructions to government “Don’t do that again”.  Yippee – boy that really hurts.

Ms. Madigan:  The citizens deserve better.  We don’t expect it from Illinois, but some of us still hope the elected are actual public servants instead of lifers making backroom deals.

Your office has some big complaints pending against the City of Bloomington.  At least one is pending because the City “powers” refuse to comply.  How many weeks, months, or years do you give them before the hammer drops? (Sorry, I mean the twig)

Your Dad gets most of the blame for the death spiral Illinois now finds itself in.  Are you going to go down with him?  Or, do you actually care that citizens want government held accountable to the law?  If the latter applies, let’s see some action instead of lip service.

Diane Benjamin







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  1. That is a great letter Diane, that speaks for all of us who desires honesty in our local government. THANKS!

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