ISU finally does something right

by:  Diane Benjamin

Fired horticulturist Patrick Murphy HAS been rehired by ISU.  It is not the same job he had, but he’s happy with it.

Murphy was fired after an altercation occurred with former College President Tim Flanagan.  Flanagan was later charged with disorderly conduct.

I know a lot more details, but I’m going to protect the innocent.  I can say ISU did the right thing, and so did State’s Attorney Jason Chambers.

Also, I know a few big donors to ISU who plan to never donate again because of the settlement with Flanagan and how Murphy was treated.


One thought on “ISU finally does something right

  1. The Board of Trustees should be fired for that embarrassing, financial debacle! If they had checked Flanagan’s past record in Massachusetts where his own staff did not like him, then why on earth would they hire him as President of our University! I can understand why past donors would not want to donate and invest their money in a college run by such un-wise trustees.


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