Surprise! Amendment 49 in the Nov Ballot – Update

by Diane Benjamin

First, Mike Madigan is behind the Amendment.  This amendment is based on a bill passed by the Illinois  House and Senate overwhelmingly last May:

This amendment concentrates monetary power in Springfield.   Here is a 2 page summary

More Information at:



  • Mike Madigan is behind placing a Constitutional amendment on the November ballot
  • The amendment concentrates monetary power with the same people who bankrupted Illinois
  • This amendment appears to over-ride the current Constitution which states no changes can be made to the pension system for persons already in it
  • Is Speaker Madigan attempting to reform the pension systems without a court fight? Or, is it a power grab?

Quote from the couriernews.suntimes article:  “Instead of concentrating more power in Springfield’s legislative leadership, taxpayers should consider simply rejecting Amendment 49 as just more deceptive legislative legerdemain.”

Anytime a politician tries flowery language to get a YES vote on a not previously disclosed ballot initiative, it should be voted NO.  Maybe Mike just didn’t want the unions and other Democrats to know.

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