9/11 Memories

by Diane Benjamin

Today looks just like it did 11 years ago, bright and sunny.  It’s hard to remember life before Iraq, Afghanistan,  and the TSA.  It’s not difficult to remember the images and feelings from that day.

I was working in my home office with the radio on.  A report came on about a plane flying into one of the towers.  I assumed it was a small plane with engine trouble – bad, but not a huge deal.  Then my sister called, slightly panicked, telling me to turn on the TV.   I did, just in time to see the second plane.  The world stopped.

For many hours I was glued to the coverage.  Horrified when the first tower fell, stunned at the second.  My first thoughts were 50,000 people or more could be dead.  Reports of more missing planes was traumatic at best, prayers were constant.  Then the Pentagon plane, reports of numerous kids on board.  Still one plane missing, all other flights grounded.

Shanksville.  They failed, citizens won.   The list of heroes who died to defend freedom got longer, they gave their lives to save others.

By late afternoon I had to get away from the TV.  Still bright and sunny, I walked outside.  The silence was profound.

But then I heard a plane.  Not possible – all planes were grounded.  But there was one plane flying very fast and very high.  The only plane it could have been was Air Force One returning to Washington.  If fighter jets accompanied it, I didn’t see them.  The plane was so high it was hardly visible, but in the dead silence of that afternoon, I could hear it.  A sense of peace settled over me.

I attended my church that night.  God was still in charge.  I just needed to listen.

Fly your flag today – just like on September 12th.

What do you remember?

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