Civil War if Obama is Re-elected

by:  Diane Benjamin

I firmly believe the American people are too smart to fall for the same Obama lines again and they are WAY over voting for the first Black President.  McCain was a lousy candidate.  We were told banks would collapse without bailouts, I don’t blame anybody for saying – let’s give the guy a chance.  Watch this video and see if you still agree:

Nothing he said in 2008 has been a priority, but he’s using the same lines again.  If he is re-elected, those items still won’t be a priority.  President Obama thinks the same people that fell for his lines last time will do so again.  Many will.

Here’s the REAL story:

  • The Republicans will most likely keep the House
  • Republicans may take control of the Senate.
  • If Obama is reelected, we have divided government again.

Republicans took over the House in 2010.  Obama has made no attempt to work with them since.  Instead of negotiating, he has by-passed Congress with executive orders and regulations .

Obama legalized over 1 million illegal immigrants without Congressional approval, but only for 2 years

Obama decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress.

Obama ended Don’t ask-Don’t Tell

The EPA is imposing massive regulations across the economy without cause.

ObamaCare is causing massive increases in cost and confusion as well as interfering with doctor/patient relationships and infringing on religious liberty.

Eric Holder and the President are claiming executive privilege with the FAST and FURIOUS investigation when thousands of Mexican citizens have died and at least 1 US border control agent.  Worse, both claim they knew nothing about the program.

Class warfare is preached on a daily basis even though 20% of taxpayers pay 70% of the taxes, 50% pay nothing.

The US government hasn’t had a budget in 3 years.

Deficit spending is more than $1 Trillion a year.

Gas prices are DOUBLE what they were when he took office – Obama refuses to drill here

Price for a barrel of oil in January 2009 was $36.51, now it’s over $90.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been thrown away on green technology.

Food prices are rising rapidly due to transportation costs and ethanol use. Along with ethanol, the drought is pushing corn prices to the highest ever.

The Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt, inflation is coming.

Unemployment isn’t the 8.1% reported, the people who quit looking for a job and the under-employed aren’t counted.

Obama has placed 2 left wing radicals on the Supreme Court, with another 4 years he will probably get to choose more.

Election fraud has been found in many states.

Crony capitalism is rampant (GM, Solyndra, GE, Unions, etc)

Drones have killed US citizens overseas and they conduct surveillance in the US.

Obama signed an executive order allowing America citizens to be detained without a warrant or trial.

The Fort Hood shootings were labeled “Work Place” violence instead of a terrorist attack.

Numerous states have been sued for enforcing immigration and voter ID laws.

Taxes will skyrocket January 1, 2013 when the Bush tax cuts (in effect for 12 years) expire and ObamaCare taxes start.

38 government agencies now have armed units – Why?  Armed government bureaucrats?

Gridlock in DC will be far worse if he is reelected, Obama will declare he HAS to act without Congress.

Just in:

United States has fallen to 7th in the world in global competitiveness.  In 2008 we were Number 1.  The administration just blamed Republicans in Congress.

Also, we are 54th in the world in level of trust we have in our government.  Closing in on 3rd World status!

This is NOT the Federal Government outlined in the Constitution, not the government that will allow job creation, not the government of freedom and liberty, and not the government most Americans want for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

Civil War?  The only way Obama can win is through lies and fraud.  Will informed citizens watch America be destroyed?  I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Civil War if Obama is Re-elected

  1. Neither Obama or Romney are good choices for the USA as they both represent globalist agendas and couldn’t care less about the American people. Either way we have a divided government because a government for the people, by the people has been hi-jacked.

  2. Reblogged this on BLNNews and commented:

    Originally posted September 10, 2012. Everything is true except the American people weren’t smart enough to see lies in front of their faces.

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