Who wants to be a Madigan?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The State of Illinois has the highest effective tax rate in the Country and is still buried in debt.

Bloomington isn’t far behind.

Can the Council really be irresponsible enough to pass the proposed budget?

Tari Renner is up for election EARLY next year.

So is Scott Black,  Jim Fruin, Joni Painter,

Mboka Mwilambwe and Kevin Lower


One day the budget is a crisis, the next they are using savings to balance a MUCH bigger budget – $13,398,132 more than revenue.

This is NOT a Hales budget – this is a Tari Renner budget.

Irresponsibility runs in the Democratic Party in Illinois.  Mike Madigan has Tari well trained.

Not only does Tari want to spend reserves of $13,398,132 – the 2016 Budget was a measly $186,300,000.  He wants $206,829,338 for 2017!

Monday night is the vote.

Bloomington has a long history of government making really bad decisions.

For the last two elections, so have the voters.

Lesson:  Government never solves problems – they CREATE them.





5 thoughts on “Who wants to be a Madigan?

  1. I’d SURE like to see Taris college MATH scores! Bet they WEREN’T that high! So we can possibly DUMP JON-E next year?? I SURE hope so, as she’s pathetic.


  2. diane, I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love your tenacity in sorting out what’s actually going on. I hate that the vast majority of your info is true! The common people of this area are so manipulated and screwed.


    1. Joskep–share this site with all of your friends and neighbors so they can be informed (outraged) and motivated to vote.


  3. Opps!! The Council is voting in a budget that is contrary to City policy. The General Reserve Fund is to maintain a 15% balance over expenditures. All other funds are to maintain at least a 10% balance. Rules? Who follows rules?


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