Supposedly Nonpartisan

By:  Diane Benjamin

Municipal elections are by law nonpartisan.  The theory is party doesn’t matter, everyone wants to do what’s best for the City.  Ask those who voted against the wishes of voters if they did that when they voted for the Coliseum.  Ask the recent council members if taking $40 million+ more a year from citizens than pre-Tari is in the best interests of the City.  Even with multiple tax increases, the “structural deficit” continues.  (Sound like Illinois?)

Tari Renner announced right after his first election that he was the first democrat ever elected mayor of Bloomington.  Since he has been governing as a big spending democrat ever since, I understand the nonpartisan confusion.  He has been recruiting like-minded big government types to pass his agenda for every election.

Now 4 obvious democrats are running as a team for the City Council:

Nonpartisan elections have been abolished without a vote courtesy of the local democrats.  I like that these four are running as democrats, even though the local press refuses to list Georgene Chissell as a democrat precinct committeeman as part of her resume.  Voters should know that Mike Madigan’s failed policies are now local.  The Welcoming Ordinance will be back, then sanctuary city status, next will be illegals should be allowed to vote.  Progressives never stop destroying what they pledge to support in their oath of office.

Remember the illegal oath the last group took?

Still think that was an accident?

From the BEC website, maybe the heading should be changed:

6 thoughts on “Supposedly Nonpartisan

    1. The left has some of the most ignorant people I have EVER encountered, even the “educated” ones are ignorant of reality (and history). They like to say people on the “right” are “uneducated” or ignorant when I have the found the exact opposite to be true – Mark Twain comes to mind here when he spoke about not letting school get in the way of education – the ones who do appear “bright” are usually only knowledgeable in a VERY concise and small area and are like pigs on ice when they are caught out of their element. tarry and Company DOES count on only the ignorant voting – somehow that HAS to change – I sincerely believe that apathy brought on by hopelessness is a big reason many people don’t vote.


      1. The slate of “independent “ candidates are some of the best in a long time. They can provide a glimmer of hope. Work to get them elected. It is up to the well informed to educate the apathetic voter if there is to be any change.
        I challenge everyone who is not satisfied with the current state of affairs to act now. Reach out and support those with common sense.

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  1. About write in, I wasn’t speaking of the Blm. Council election specifically. One of the reasons for write ins is to split the votes.


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