Proof they are a team!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow up to this story:

The below is posted on Jenn Carrillo’s Facebook page and copied to the Facebook page of at least one other candidate.  It proves Jenn, Jeff Crabill, Georgene Chissell, and Julie Emig are running as a team.

Would these 4 solve problems or create more?

They can’t claim to not be Democrats.  Chissell is a Democrat Precinct committeeman and Emig founded the local chapter of the Stonewall Democrats (look it up).  Crabill hates corporations and rich people because they don’t pay their “fair share”. (We heard that for 8 years)  Jenn must be a Hillary fan, she’s using the Arrow just like Clinton did.  “Forward” means progressive – big government control.  Listen for it, it’s the last people you want to vote for unless you think high taxes and waste are a good thing.

No, local elections aren’t non-partisan!

11 thoughts on “Proof they are a team!

  1. Hope I’m NOT buying the candy for these 3 stooges! NONE of these 3 impress me ONE bit!! And WHAT is their platform, then scream, yell and disrupt-repeat..

  2. We’d be niave to think these folks don’t collude and share resources. Tari and his far-left friends have likely been orchestrating this for awhile now. They’re just no longer hiding it. If you think Bloomington is in an ecominic decline now, just wait until these big government, anti-business, pro-taxers are elected. While speeding up the decline of Bloomington, they’ll lecture us about racism, this ism and that ism, how the police are the enemy, and that corporations are evil. Bloomington seems to be tracing the history of Detroit. Single industry/employer in decline, raising taxes to make up for lost tax revenue, boondoggle public projects with promises of economic development, anti-business climate, overconcentration on a small downtown area. This formula only hastens the departure of businesses and a strong upper and middle class. Those that can leave, will. Those that can’t, well…

  3. Their nonsense is all about the welcoming ordinance—their place at the table. To be effective alderman, you have to understand the function government. These candidates don’t seem to.

  4. I can’t speak about anyone but I did attended one of Jenn Carillo’s Open houses…she is just an angry woman who cares nothing about this community. She will however be using the citizens (and apparently churches) to spread her message of hatred toward white people .

  5. Where have you been, Diane. The LGBQTBSC crowd has had “special rights” in Bloomington and Normal for over a decade!

  6. Nothing wrong with being a team – like minded candidates can pool resources, share ideas, and cross-promote. I started too late to successfully get the hundreds of petition signatures I needed to be on the ballot, but in the process of trying I made a point of telling interested voters about Stan Nord. The problem is just what Team Tari has done and intends to do.
    Normal has grown too large to continue with ‘at large’ voting and needs wards to prevent policy from being dictated by the immature and transient student population. Definitely Bloomington, and perhaps Normal, needs to acknowledge that their elections are non-partisan in name only and should switch to partisan. (Election law seems to imply a population of 5000 is some kind of tipping point, and both ‘twin cities’ each have well over 10x that.

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