Renner and Koos: What do you stand for?

By:  Diane Benjamin

WEEK reported earlier this week DOZENS of Democrats have signed a letter calling on Speaker Mike Madigan to step down:

Locally these people signed:

demo signers

Notice who didn’t sign, other than the local Democrat Party Chair Nikita Richards?

Tari Renner and Chris Koos

Are they pro-corruption or just weenies?

That brings me to the group that gives both Koos and Renner talking points:  The US Conference of Mayors.  At least COVID has provided relief for taxpayers paying for both to attend conferences.  Remember Hawaii?

The US Conference of Mayors has produced a 40 page document on police reform:  2020/08/Police-Reform.Report

Guess who was the chair of the Working Group:


Chicago is doing such a wonderful job throwing the police under the nearest bus and allowing looters to destroy the Magnificent Mile, every city should emulate their model.  Lightfoot led the reform, do Renner and Koos support her?

The Executive Summary on PDF page 7 claims a Statement of Principles for reform was issued in June.  If Lightfoot is using those principles they are a dismal failure.

The report has an entire section called:  Sanctity of Life  PDF page 19

Of course life doesn’t matter if it’s 1 minute away from being born!

Another section is called:  Equality and Due Process  PDF page 22

With Illinois’ dictator issuing Executive Orders there is no Due Process.

PDF page 16 sums up much of what the report is about:

good paying jobs

Yes they want to send social workers to domestic violence calls.  Government’s job is not to provide good paying jobs to people without the requisite skill set, but evidently the US Conference of Mayors think they should.

The bottom line is they want police funding redistributed to unarmed social workers.  That means the 911 operator has to make a split second decision on who needs to respond.  The plan claims both a social worker and an officer may be required, that increases the cost.

This plan assumes all citizens want to live in a civil society.  They don’t.


Renner and Koos aren’t anti-corruption as evidenced by not signing the letter demanding Madigan step down.

Are these two goofy enough to implement a plan Lori Lightfoot was in charge of forming?  There is plenty of evidence it would be a failure.

I wonder if Chief Donath saw the report before he decided to retire?

Did you hear about the 19 year old arrested for allowing her newborn to die in a toilet?  Abortion has been legal for her entire life, some politicians think killing a baby right before or after it is born is fine.  She has been taught a fetus isn’t a person but now she is charged with killing it.  Sanctity of Life?  Start with ending the on demand killing of babies!  Either all lives matter or none do.


8 thoughts on “Renner and Koos: What do you stand for?

  1. I think that when GOD said “Thou SHALT NOT KILL”. It was meant to include ALL creatures, great and small. And NOT just humans..

  2. Renner and Koos are lemmings, always have been. Madigan is the political Godfather of Renner and Koos as evidenced by the Attorney General’s Office letting these two defiantly ignore the rule of law regarding the office that they occupy. Obviously this is where their bread is buttered and they know it. Thanks for the admission boys. Now everyone knows, lol.

  3. Here’s the deal, Diane:

    Dems aren’t doing this out of an altruistic opposition to corruption and dirty-dealing. They are fighting over power.
    The black caucus and the progressive caucus (the crazy left) are in a CIVIL WAR fighting over Madigan’s power even before he’s hauled out in handcuffs.

    I can see why Renner and Koos wouldn’t sign this… there is no real power to be had for them by doing so.

    This crap is more self-dealing by Democrats.

    1. Exactly. The only reason the Carrillo’s and Crabill’s of the world signed it is because Madigan isn’t radical enough for them. Corruption is fine with Jenn and Jeff and fellow minions as long as they are in charge of the corruption and benefitting from it.

  4. So according to this pile-of-s##t executive summary the “police are not equipped to deal with social issues”.

    So exactly what kind of social issue is a naked man high on meth who is threatening people with a broadsword?

    Or a gang-banger who just pulled an AK-47 out of the back seat of his car?

    Criminals are not social issues they are criminals, bad people, insane people and the crimes they commit are crimes not social issues. They have broken the law. Laws without enforcement are not worth the paper they are written on. So you either have people who can enforce your laws or you just get rid of all your laws and let chaos rule.

    So these Jackasses are recommending taking money from enforcement and putting it into “the Community” because the police are not equipped to deal with social issues?

    Anyone with 1/2 a brain can figure out why shootings and crimes in major Democratic cities have sky rocketed: The police are backing off on enforcement. They are choosing to not respond or walk away rather than risk putting themselves into positions that could lead to the loss of their jobs and/or freedom.

    And guess what? The criminals know that the police just don’t care anymore. So they get their 9s and their AKs out and do a drive-by or a robbery. And innocent people die and kids die and old people die as a result.

    But these fools think less enforcement is good?

    They are insane and they have blood on their hands.

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