Nazi mask cops on the loose!

By:  Diane Benjamin

McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael contacted me after she received a phone call from a reporter at WGLT.  Knowing that it was likely Tari Renner who told Ryan Denham what to write, she wanted the truth out first.

This saga starts with Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason sending an email to Kathy and copying others on it:  (Interesting Tim used Tari’s email address at IWU instead of his city address)

nazi 1

Tim – you started something that did get out of hand!  Are smokers suppose to wear masks?  Maybe they can cut a hole or sew in a zipper?

I could provide a bunch of links saying masks are useless, or state the local facts showing infection rates are ridiculously low, or even diseases people forced to wear masks are developing, or I could ask Tim if he is wearing one at all times?  But the real story is much better.

Kathy’s response to the mask Nazi, her office has gone above and beyond in an attempt to protect employees:

nazi 2

Of course Tari Renner had to pretend to be relevant:

nazi 3

Kathy’s response to Tari:

nazi 4

Tari has to respond:

nazi 6

Everyday I lose more and more respect for Tim Gleason.  I have lots of friends in Decatur that were thrilled to tell him goodbye.  I’m starting to understand why.

Every heard of a telephone Tim?  You started this by putting accusations in writing, and copying others, that never should have been made.  If anybody owes an apology it’s the Nazi Mask police.

I can’t wait to see what WGLT writes!

32 thoughts on “Nazi mask cops on the loose!

  1. I am not surprised that of ALL the possible areas they would go looking to stir up trouble, it would be this one. Their motives are obvious to everyone.

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  2. Tim must not have enough to do? These emails read like petty office politics. Tim/Tari – Grow up guys! Tari chimes-in with his support of the petty office politics and adds no value. Kathy Michael and her staff do an excellent job!

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  3. Gleason is Tari’s enforcer. Just like Peterson was for Koos. They are bullies and attack dogs. He couldn’t manage a hotdog stand much less a small city. Hey Gleason, how’s Decatur doing? One of the fastest declining cities in the Midwest according to recent publications! Bigger government, irrational Downtown fixation, a small number of large companies responsible for the local economy with no emerging or growing businesses to offset that risk, higher taxes/fees/regulations, while higher income, tech, and creative types leaving in droves.


  4. Maybe Tim Greasum should get his head out of Mayor Little Man’s ______?

    Maybe Tim Greasum should busy himself with serving the people of the City of Bloomington instead of pretending to be a Banana Republic Generalissimo?

    We have a city manager from the thriving metropolis of Decatur? You can’t make this kind of stuff up….


  5. I am not surprised. Due to his history of being completey disrespectful to Judy Stearns and this blogger Diane Benjamin and now Kathy Michael, the (little) man seriously seems to have some sort of pyschotic complex towards women of confidence and strength, of which quite frankly should put him in counseling and or the application of medication. It short, in layman terms, he is an assh**e.


  6. I support Kathy Micheal! The Bloomington staff and officials have lost all respect. They are acting childish .
    Go Kathy you are right and supported by us taxpayers!

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  7. Why do Gleason and Renner have to pick on a woman? Are they misogynists? Imagine grown men whinging about face masks? Kathy Michael’s patience and maturity IS amazing.

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  8. TARI! Go back to YOUR worm hole and wear YOUR mask and let KATHY do HER JOB, since you are unable to do yours and FIX THE STREETS, build a VIBRANT economy, find the RIGHT fit, or even control Jenn And Craybeak!
    You, my short little man are a disgrace to this community and humankind! Please go bye, bye!


  9. Tari lecturing someone on the proper use of email. Now, that’s funny. Diane, how could you possibly resist responding to that one?


  10. Just shows ya HOW STUPID Tari really is, to tangle with someone with the “wits” like Kathy, as she TELLS IT LIKE IT IS, and don’t lie to people like OTHER folks! Right mr tari? OR need I pontificate?

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  11. Tim Gleason’s too busy suppressing evidence that exonerates his city’s reputation to pick up the phone and act like an adult.

    He’s on the path to costing the city at least five figures, and maybe six if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right.

    Tick tock, Tim. Tick tock. 24 hours and a few minutes left, buddy.


  12. Who opened up the building isn’t it a city of Bloomington building? Isn’t the city of Bloomington still appointment only? So who can we blame if there is an outbreak? That is the question that need to be asked. Not way are they not wearing masks.


  13. City offices remain closed, county offices are open; very confusing for the public. Our office (County Clerk) asked the county to keep the “Hut” across the street open and we staff it to help the public because of the confusion. We attempt to help keep more foot traffic from coming into the Gov’t Center if we can for the public’s sake and employee’s sake. And this is the thanks my wonderful staff gets. All of whom wear masks. So City Dept. heads, whose offices remain closed to the public, complain because they say I and my staff don’t wear masks, which is a lie. We always wear masks when dealing with the public in person. Very insulting, petty and disappointing.

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    1. Kathy – While I appreciate you speaking up and supporting your staff, just ignore e-mails like this in the future. They aren’t worth your time. Just continue to focus on serving the citizens of McLean County and let that be your focus. That’s why people put in that office, and will continue to keep you in that office. Let this other childish, political game bounce off your shoulders. We appreciate the work you do and the service you continue to provide to the county. Keep up the good work!


  14. Maxima, I appreciate your comments, but we are at a crossroads in this county, state and country. i won’t sit back and let my office, my staff nor I, be demeaned. We Republicans and others, often stay silent, “for the good of the order”, and later then take the knives out of our backs and wonder as we tried to work with others thinking others would also work with us; it’s time to fight. I will not remain silent for the “good of the order”. Too much is at risk. It’s time to fight.

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  15. maxima, may I add one more comment; my response was to the email only; and I was willing to leave it at that. It was Mayor Renner who chose to contact the media and share the emails. I won’t stay silent any longer when things like this occur that are false because “a lie spoke often becomes the truth.” Time to stand up to the lies and I will continue to do so, for my office, my staff and McLean County.

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  16. I know from experience that Tim Gleason routinely ignored emails that he doesn’t want to respond to. Especially if it’s a sensitive topic or one where he’s going to get some criticism.

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  17. You can squabble all you want over the methods of communication, but that response by Kathy was Karen-esqe. But, I get it. Because Tim Gleason and Renner involved it becomes a pissing match between people who are supposed to be adults. And next thing you know someone is a Communist, Nazi or Facist. Tim needs to learn the value of BCC and the whole would have stayed in-house.

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