No End to Normal’s Hypocrisy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

All the neighbors of One Normal Plaza want is the proposed zoning changed banning alcohol in the park-like setting.  The “professional staff” wrote the proposal the “professional staff” can change it.

Instead the Town and most of the elected representatives continue to flagrantly abuse citizens by demanding they appear before the Planning Commission and if Planning doesn’t change it before the Council who rubber-stamps whatever the “professional staff” wants.

Note:  No Alcohol

As proof the “professional staff” runs the Town and not your elected officials, the Connie Link Amphitheatre is re-opening.

Of course the Council can’t meet in person, but other people can – with NO ALCOHOL.

normal hypocrasy

Every one of these attacks on the rights of citizens mean more votes for Marc Tiritilli.

Thank the “professional staff”


4 thoughts on “No End to Normal’s Hypocrisy!

  1. The leadership uses “professional staff” as a veil to disguise what is really happening. Professional staff is a euphemism for (people employed by the city who we use as an excuse to do what we want).

    Yes, it’s all BS and its bad for you.

    Yes citizens of Normal, Fuhrer Koos and his Brown Shirts are scamming you!

    Or are they just doing what the town’s “Professional Staff” recommended?

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  2. Government for the people, by the people of the people… Not in Normal… In Normal Staff rule.

    This is the Koos way, and Pam is the lead enforcer. Council members are merely a state required obstacle, but Koos and Pam have figured out how to make them rubber stampers.

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  3. Koos us a very TYPICAL example of WHAT is WRONG with politics and the DEMOCRATS in America in general! They don’t care, they don’t listen, they spend like they have a garbage can full of money and YOU DO NOT MATTER! M.T. FOR MAYOR! and I hope the FIRST ordinance he passes is to rail ANYONE with the name of koos out of town on a fast train!
    mr koos, YOUR days are limited—GODSPEED!

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