Will Incompetence Run Vote By Mail?

By:  Diane Benjamin

We are headed for the worst election in the history of this country.  Vote By Mail will be fraught with errors, outright fraud, and incompetence by election authorities.  Irregularities will allow people who want reek havoc easily do it.  China and Russia can’t possibly do more damage than Vote By Mail will.

Nobody is going to trust the results.  Think politics is bad now?  Just wait!

That brings me to the latest Faux pas:  Champaign County Clerk – Aaron Ammons

McLean County should be grateful for our Clerk Kathy Michael.  Our elections are largely glitch free.

So, what did Aaron do?

He sent out the required Application for Vote By Mail to registered voters.  The return address listed at the bottom of the form has the wrong Zip CODE.  It appears it is a “Dead Letter” zip code which is likely where the returned forms will end up if people use it:

Champaign mail ballot

This is what is should be:


Let the Vote By Mail Circus begin!

4 thoughts on “Will Incompetence Run Vote By Mail?

  1. My cousin moved away and obtained an out-of-state drivers license and voter ID card two months ago. Just got a mail in ballot from IL last week. Absent of any morals, my cousin can now vote in two states. Who’s gona know? Or if caght.use a lame excuse such as, “Whoops, I didn’t mean to do that. It was an oversight.”……….Demonrats, deceive to achieve.

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  2. When I go to vote there are two people who have the job of being handwriting experts for the day compare my signature to the one on file and then double check their work. Please tell me these are not the ones who will be counting the mail in ballots.
    I kept my mail in ballot applications just in case when I go to vote someone else has not already voted in my place.

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  3. aaron ammons. He’s the husband of the woman caught (allegedly) shoplifting a Coach purse from the Carle Foundation Charity store in Urbana. How low do you have to be to steal from a CHARITY?

    Oh, that’s right: that woman who (allegedly) shoplifted that Coach Purse happens to be Illinois State Representative Carol Ammons (Sure as heck not a Republican-Urbana). Proudly endorsed by Bernie Sanders for her hard-left positions on issues. She’s managed to get that shoplifting case swept under the carpet. She’s been really quiet about it too. If you see her, ask her if she’s got any new COACH purses.

    Anyway, A-aron got his gig after buying a pardon for his previous felony drug convictions as a heroin dealer and user. That’s heroin the drug, not heroine like Melania Trump. Well, he didn’t buy his pardon. I believe he gave a donation to then hack-governor Pat Quinn’s favorite charity – maybe Quinn’s re-election fund.

    A-aron has all the smarts of a used diaper. I have no doubt he and his crack staff proofread that before sending it to the printer of his choosing… which no doubt were politically connected and just as bright.

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  4. WHAT? Incompetence at the P.O.?? That’s like asking for an HONEST politician!
    FAIRY DUST! Unicorn fur! Bigfoot Photos ALL come to mind in the same ilk!


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