Malak: Union Bosses Trying To BUY The 110th ?

By:  Diane Benjamin



  1. Dawson Lake says:

    When it is okay to get money from the highest bidders, this is what you get. We need to get big corporations and billionaires out of our elections.


  2. Angela Comens says:

    Yep. They got Bloomington and Edwardsville . They now want the entire state blue.

    And why exactly did mayor Renner go to Cuba for ?? Any word there?

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  3. Unions started off as a good thing for the common man. Now like many organizations of initial good, have lost their way due to misguided greed (for the upper echelon of the organization) as the rank and file get screwed. As Bill Clinton sign NAFTA and Hillary is a big supporter of Wall Street and the TTP more jobs will be lost to over seas.



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