Know anybody is SE Illinois? (110th House District)

By:  Diane Benjamin

The 110th House District includes Mattoon and Charleston.  See a complete map here:

There is a guy running for the Illinois House in this district who looks to be misrepresenting himself:


Dennis Malak, Candidate for the 110th District in Illinois claims “the system failed him” – and that is one of the reasons he wanted to run for State Representative. He claims “The system failed him” because of “drowning in medical bills” and having to file bankruptcy because of that (and his wife’s illness).

The real truth is the system worked. He chose to take on tons of debt thru bad personal financial decisions, such as what was listed on his bankruptcy paperwork:

Student Loans of $62,220 and $47,611
Home Loan of $63,382 and $11,416
Car Loan of $11,365
Unsecured (credit card, etc) debt, which included purchases at Victoria’s Secret and Toys R Us of $51,146


“Drowning in medical bills” of $3,563 – does not appear to be “drowning in medical bills” to me, had he not took to using credit cards and overspending on a vehicle.

He CHOSE to give up the house in bankruptcy, the house payment was only $354 per month.

Instead of keeping the house, he chose to reaffirm the car payment of $278 per month.


Does Dennis Malak have a problem with the truth and chooses to blame “the system” as so many young people do these days. Whatever happened to owning up to your mistakes? Did he think people would buy his line of “the system failed him”?


Who will he blame if he gets to Springfield?


He shows a history of borrow, borrow, borrow. This will carry over to his actions in Springfield.  Will he will simply blame everyone else for the State’s financial woes.


See documents from his bankruptcy filing Here and Here

Please forward this post to any voters you know in the 110th!

5 thoughts on “Know anybody is SE Illinois? (110th House District)

  1. I do not think it is my place to judge a person’s decisions based on such limited information even though it does not paint a very good picture.

    I would like to comment on the whole system failing him. I’m curious exactly what system failed. Was it the healthcare system? Well, it’s a mess because of Obamacare. Was it the education system that didn’t properly prepare him for life? Also democrat controlled. Maybe it was the economic system that caused him to lose his job. Also democrat controlled. Given all the failing systems run by democrat, this guy must be a republican wanting to change things! Well, not so much. He’s democrat. Unless he is going to buck his party, expect more failures.

    On a more general note, government systems have one purpose and one purpose only — protect themselves. If someone is helped by a system, it is only because the system benefits from helping that person.


  2. Sounds like he’s got the political “spiel” down already, heck in a few years he could be the democrat poster child. Going “broke” should NOT be an option. And NOW he wants control of OUR money-ironic huh??


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