Cut Admin Bloomington!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal is cutting:  communications director, economic development director, and assistant to the city manager.

If Normal doesn’t need them, Bloomington doesn’t either.  Bloomington isn’t twice as big as Normal – but Bloomington’s budget is more than 100% higher!

Bloomington is once again looking at a budget that does not provide enough money to get the roads close to a POOR rating, even with a probable gas tax increase.

With this Council – your roads will NEVER be fixed!

Here’s proof too many people work in Administration.  Besides using their PCard to illegally buy plane tickets to Japan for the mayor’s girlfriend, a staff person compiled the below and sent it out to the Council.  It sure looks to me like they do this every week!

The Pantagraph is the news source for the Council?  Did we just identify the problem?  Note, no letters to the editor or editorials criticizing the city are included.

Your tax dollars were used to gather propaganda from ONE source for the Council!

I’d say that’s a problem!

Can’t the Council get their own news?





6 thoughts on “Cut Admin Bloomington!

  1. Bloomington will hire the Normal staff that were cut…Normal will then hire those cut from Bloomington…ooops…Bloomington doesn’t cut union employees.

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  2. So to be clear, The Pantagraph, is helping the Bloomington City Council make decisions? They didn’t include any other media sources…like a news source that shows math and logic? Maybe they just wanted to make sure the Slantagraph was keeping up with the agenda they are pushing. Sick!

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  3. Well, here I thought the city wrote for the Pantagraph. I bet the City’s propaganda ministry is simply checking their work. You know…make sure the articles are “correct” and that no one is “misinformed”.

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  4. I don’t get the Normal decision to add a position. Credit to Scott Preston and and Kathleen Lorenz for voting against wasteful spending. I’m sorry but whether you pay 2x every two months or 1x every month, you should have an idea what you’re paying on because of your water usage. Are they saying people are not smart enough to handle their billing?

    $136k is a lot of money, and the town could do many things with that. I have a feeling this position will be filled by someone whose job was “going away.”

    Bloomington could do a lot getting rid of Austin Grammer:

    Instead of paying him, use the expense savings to lure a jobs provider here. Preferably one who does not match Mayor Renner’s fit. His “investments” never seem to pay off.

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