Skip doing business with Mark Bowers?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This pic was not taken at yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rally, but the rant made by Mark Bowers does refer to Regina Noland’s comments about gun rights in the media.  (Was Mark a troll?)

According to his Facebook page, he is an agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Snyder Real Estate.

Mark is the guy hoping his desk will protect him from bullets, or the guy hoping the police show up in time and don’t wait outside for permission to stop a shooter.

You have a right to not do business with anyone who doesn’t support the Bill of Rights (and maybe the Constitution too).

Bowers is also the owner of the Bloomington Tennis Center.

Mark, I didn’t know your IQ could go any lower.  Thanks for verifying that information.

If you support the God-given right to defend yourself, Mark Bowers would be somebody to avoid.  Snyder Real Estate needs to explain why they employ him!

Here’s some information for Mark. It’s pretty obvious who needs a mental health test:  



29 thoughts on “Skip doing business with Mark Bowers?

  1. So not only does Mr. Bowers get to accuse 4 people of being “crazy bastards” which he likely has never actually met, he also gets to argue that they should not have a voice or freedom of speech (1st amendment) and 2nd amendment rights? Believe there was a great sermon given one day in the past cautioning people on judging others for they one day would be judged under the same principles. Thoughts?

    1. typical conservative view. “We have our right to free speech, but anyone who speaks in opposition is judging and wrong”.

      1. @Guest—You do notice Mr Bowers was verbally attacking the person not the argument. Free speech has consequences. The First Amendment can’t be protected without the Second Amendment.

  2. Classic! Maybe he will protect himself with a Tennis Racket. I don’t know the guy or anything about him, but I’ve duly noted who I won’t be done by business with and who I will discourage others from doing business with…Can someone remind me how much Snyder owes the city?

  3. This is EXACTLY what Conservative Activism should look like! Using our considerable economic power to figuratively “kick in the teeth” of trendy Leftists who are destroying McLean County. We don’t have to take it, anymore!

  4. I come into contact with a lot of individuals during the business day thank you Mark for giving me the opportunity to inform people of who not to do business with. You should be ashamed of yourself I believe only a person with low intellect would post such a crude comment.

  5. Another liberal male verbally attacking a conservative female. I’m sure NIOT and the YWCA will get right on it. Why did liberal guys become so unglued and threatened by a female with a different viewpoint?

    1. There is really no excuse for this kind of behavior from a business man in this town. Mark Bower needs to post a public apology. As someone who grew up with firearms and have many gun owning friends and relatives (male and female) who are respected members of their communities (yes some are now retired law enforcement) I feel that characterizing a female gun owner as part of “crazy bastards” is offensive and hurtful. This is an example of the mentality that runs this town. Under the veneer of respectability lay vicious hateful attitudes about ordinary Americans (you and me).

    2. One cannot tell if Mr. Bowers is a liberal or conservative because his statement was a mouthful of bullying gibberish. For him, any woman, whether a conservative or liberal, with an opposing perspective is a threat. Bullies can’t handle anyone who stands up to them.

      1. Diane, not liberal—so yesterday—the label is Progressive. The question is, progressing in what direction?

  6. Again with the God-given right. I know the Bible talks a lot about semi-automatic rifles firearms, but…

    1. Dick, every time I read your comments I laugh. You hate everything Diane and her readers stand for, yet you just can’t make a meaningful comment to defend your position. Unless you are from some other Universe, all Human’s are born free. That’s the God given right so many here speak of. Freedom. Government, by it’s very nature, cannot give freedom. It can only take it away. If you prefer not having freedom then you are free to chose being enslaved. Everyone has a God. For some it’s money, power, relationships, or fear. As for me my God is a Heavenly Father. He endowed me with freedom and I will speak up for that freedom every day. In fact I would die for it. Maybe you don’t want people like us to be free. That says more about you than it does about us.

      1. Mr. Dick is like a fish out of water in the Age of Information. We can talk back now… we can challenge him (and the establishment that he is part of). We can speak our minds publicly and openly for everyone to see. He (and they) can’t control the narrative anymore. You see controlling the narrative has been how they control us. It is how they lie to us – it is how they hide things from us… it is how they make us believe that what they are doing is the only thing that can be done…. they gaslight us, they demean us, they try to do everything in their power to discredit us. Mr. Dick and his fellow establishment capitalist cronies who have controlled this town for years are now being exposed…. the emperors have no clothes… we can all see what they are and their true intentions. That is why Angela, it is funny when he attempts to make a point. What he is always really trying to say is “Shut up and sit down, you need to be controlled and I am here to try to control you”

    2. Actually Rich there is a lot of good reading in the bible in regards to the good Lord giving us all a free will and defeating evil. Unfortunately for you, the ability of putting 2 + 2 together doesn’t seem to be within your grasp.

    3. Hey Dick – let’s go way back in time, before we had a constitution, and before the bible was written…..let’s say so far back that we’re one of the first few people put on this earth. If you came at me, I’d grab a rock, stick or whatever I could to defend myself. No bible or constitution can prevent or permit me from that God-given instinct.

  7. Yes Mark, but will it play in Peoria? You’re still in corn country and you’ve probably alienated alot more business with that comment that you gained. Dumb. Real dumb.

  8. Hey there Mr. Mark Bowers will you be circulating a sign up sheet?
    I believe this heading would fit your sign up sheet just fine:
    SLAVES WANTED – Must First Give Up Your Firearms
    Minimum 12 hour work days guaranteed, 7 days a week.
    Room, board, and health care provided in lieu of compensation.

  9. I tell people all the time that if I needed to trust someone to hold $1,000 cash for me, and my only choices were a prostitute, a politician or a realtor…. then I’d just burn the cash.

  10. Yeah god forbid he use his 1st AMENDMENT rights. People have the ability to avoid reading drivel from cave women as well

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