Fly on the Wall: Jeers to the Pantagraph

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Jeers to the Pantagraph for printing a Chicago Tribune editorial titled:  “Gun decision was a vote for violence”

Pardon, your left wing ideology is on display again!  A complete explanation of why the article is insane isn’t necessary for thinking people, but a little information is:

The article is chocked full of polls saying the America people believe this or they believe that.  Since when does this Representative Republic rule by poll?  Oh sorry, the last President who did was Bill Clinton.  The current President doesn’t conduct polls, his will is supreme and he will lie to achieve his goals.  Don’t look to the Pantagraph for any truth on that subject either.

The guns laws we have aren’t enforced – why pass more?  Think the goal is to control law abiding people?  You bet.  Did you hear the Illinois Democrat wanting to limit concealed carry so Illinois wouldn’t turn into the Wild West?  She evidently never leaves Illinois because it’s so safe here – all the other states have concealed carry and she might get shot.  The completely stupid are in control!

More jeers to the Pantagraph for the article on the Cedar Ridge student who wrote to and received a letter from the President after Sandy Hook.  No reporting on what the letter said!  Not surprised.  Do you think it might have mentioned new gun laws?

In another generation the government won’t have to worry about gun control.  The public schools are busy indoctrinating kids to believe owning a gun is a terrible thing to do.  Problem solved.

Are your kids still in public school?



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  1. The Pantagraph editorial board and most importantly the conglomeration that owns the paper, really really, really, stink! Incredibly biased, just rotten!

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