WGLT reports the ridiculous

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2022-06-01/in-the-wake-of-uvalde-b-n-teachers-want-change-not-guns Corey Beirne needs to report the WGLT article as a campaign contribution. He is running for the McLean County Board and WGLT just happened to pick him for an interview him from all the teachers in the Unit 5 School District. Beirne proves he isn’t qualified to hold an elected office […]

Pantagraph: What is wrong with you?

by:  Diane Benjamin Two items in today’s Pantagraph are appalling.   First they opine the labor force in Bloomington-Normal is shrinking because baby boomers are retiring.  People are also leaving – but of course they haven’t noticed that. So, not enough babies are being born to replenish the population.  It’s a problem across the country. […]

Choices: Concealed Carry in Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin Last weekend, if you paid attention to the news, the big story was Muslim Extremists attacking a shopping mall in Kenya.  The group taking blame is al Shabaab, a group aligned with Al Qaeda.   Today the story turned to this same group entering this country illegally through Mexico to recruit more jihadists. […]

Don’t Concealed Carry

In case you missed it, here is where you aren’t allowed to have a concealed carry gun: Prohibited carry places  Preschools, elementary and secondary schools; child care facilities; playgrounds; Public parks located within a municipality under the control of a municipality or park district; Cook County Forest Preserve; Bars (defined as having more than 50% of its […]

3 Counties now allow Conceal Carry-McLean?

From: Illinois Review:  http://tinyurl.com/jvz3crz TAZEWELL BECOMES THIRD ILLINOIS COUNTY TO PERMIT RIGHT-TO-CARRY PEORIA – If you’re in Tazewell County, State’s Attorney Stewart Umholtz announced Friday he’s allowing you the right-to-carry so long denied to Illinois citizens statewide. All you need is a Firearm Owners’ ID, required for any gun purchase in Illinois. “A citizen who wishes […]

Some counties care about rights – McLean, not so much

Livingston county passed this resolution in February.  It was sent to Matt Sorensen (McLean County Board Chairman), no response. RESOLUTION of the COUNTY BOARD of LIVINGSTON COUNTY, ILLINOIS RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE PASSAGE OF “THE FAMILY AND PERSONAL PROTECTION ACT,” ILLINOIS HOUSE BILL 0997 WHEREAS, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states “the right of the […]

Illinois’s anti-2nd Amendment people

The House was debating the “may issue” proposal in the concealed carry law when Rep. Bost lost his cool. The proposal would allow sheriffs to decide whether a citizen has a legitimate reason to carry a gun. On the House floor in Springfield April 17th: The next day, all Republicans has “Constitutional Scholar” taped to […]

Fly on the Wall: Jeers to the Pantagraph

Jeers to the Pantagraph for printing a Chicago Tribune editorial titled:  “Gun decision was a vote for violence” Pardon, your left wing ideology is on display again!  A complete explanation of why the article is insane isn’t necessary for thinking people, but a little information is: The article is chocked full of polls saying the America people […]

Concealed Carry Illinois? and those trying to stop it

MoveOn.org sent the following information.  Those of us who would like to defend ourselves (like the people in 49 other states), hope this means the issue will be brought back in Springfield!  Guess Mr. Goodman hasn’t heard about all the people being mowed down in Chicago or that concealed carry is about DEFENSE. Below is an […]

I support Ron Dozier – Update

by Diane Benjamin So, Lisa Madigan can refuse to defend a law passed by both Houses in Springfield and signed by the Governor that:  Marriage is between a man and a women. Ron Dozier refuses to prosecute otherwise law abiding citizens because they have a gun since the US Supreme Court ruled citizens have a right to […]