Choices: Concealed Carry in Illinois

by:  Diane Benjamin

Last weekend, if you paid attention to the news, the big story was Muslim Extremists attacking a shopping mall in Kenya.  The group taking blame is al Shabaab, a group aligned with Al Qaeda.   Today the story turned to this same group entering this country illegally through Mexico to recruit more jihadists.  So much for a secure border!  Some Americans may have even participated in the attack.  The great fear now is the radical Americans coming home and bringing their training and agenda with them.  One news program even showed how the police have prepared.  Homeland Security has provided them with BIG automatic guns, just in case.

Even if the police show up at a mall under attack in two minutes, they still have to locate and take out the shooters.  If you are in the mall, what does that make you?  Target practice!  You will be subjected to at least 2 minutes of rapid gunfire from 1 or more people who just want to kill.  I guess you can hide.  In Nairobi Kenya that didn’t work out well for at least 62 people who are now dead.  Gun ownership is not allowed in Kenya, so no citizens returned fire.

Illinois will soon have  concealed carry so people have the ability to defend themselves.  Governor Quinn tried to add language to ban concealed carry in malls, he failed.  Business owners can ban concealed carry though with a simple sign in the window.

It might be time to make a choice.  Do you want to enter a building where the owner is making you target practice?  The shooter in Aurora Colorado passed other theaters showing the Batman movie to get to the one with a “No Concealed Carry” sign.


Entering a building where guns are banned only means the good guys won’t have guns.  Somebody with a desire to kill doesn’t care about the rules.  I’d rather do business with people willing to trust well-trained citizens to defend life than one who thinks the police can always get there in time.

Local business owners:  What say you?

“No Concealed Carry” signs WILL affect your business.

Questions about concealed carry are covered on the State Police website:





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  1. When I see Obama doing his “infringing” executive orders against US honest Americans and our 2nd Amendment gun rights I think of this statement: “In order to overthrow a nation its people must first be disarmed”
    ~ Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto

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