Attn: Steve Vogel’s neighbors

By:  Diane Benjamin

In honor of Steve Vogel’s column today spewing a complete lack of knowledge of concealed carry, and his broadcast of places where people don’t have the right to defend themselves (gun free zones), I suggest you get signs for your yards:

VogelVogel obviously wants to be a victim.


13 thoughts on “Attn: Steve Vogel’s neighbors

  1. Nice thing about the liberals is that their narrative is beginning to fail due to the fact that the decieve to achieve is catching up with them. The people are becoming wiser and their lies are becoming more obvious every day. Even this idiot writing anything concerning demeaning firearm ownership looks to an authoritarian figure that carrys a gun to save him. When his family might be in danger rather than having a means of self defense in his hand would prefer to wait an average of 23 minutes for a cop to show up.

  2. All you are proving is you are just as wrong as Steve Vogel. I am pretty sure there are concealed carry advocates who handle criticism and legality of guns way better than you and don’t suggest people should abdicate defending someone’s life despite conflicting views. You had a perfect opportunity to reply in a factual manner but chose to suggest Steve’s neighbors should not help him because he doesnt support conceal carry. So conceal carry supporters should only defend conceal carry supporters? Is that how the cops should roll too?

    1. It’s not legal, unless authorized by government, for an ordinary citizen to use a gun or any other manner to defend a person in their neighborhood other than themselves, their own family or home.
      The posted meme is meant to be viewed as satire, a subtle form of humor.

      1. Now that is something I never knew. So if you saw your neighbor being mugged, you can’t use a firearm? You can only do something if the mugger comes after you? So why wasn’t George Zimmerman in the wrong? He was going around like a neighborhood watch guy.

      2. Mr. X, that is why Mr. Zimmerman was arrested and the case went to trial. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of wrongdoing. Mr. Zimmerman claimed self-defense, which is legal use of his gun in Florida.

    2. The “sign” only concurs with what anti-gunners believe in. No guns for the common citizen, no matter what,,,too bad, so sad. Therefore taking their beliefs at face value I don’t see anything wrong with this sign at all. It simply states a fact of what they believe in. If anyone is at fault here it is the cavalier and naive attitude of the anti-gun fanatics. Let them reap the seeds that they sow.

    3. yea…I’m sure Mudd’s all torn up after that lame ‘guilt trip’ nonsense.

      At the end of the day, we are responsible only for ourselves and what is ours.

  3. Thanks for the laugh Diane, this is certainly a grand slam on Vogel. Some people are referred to as “has beens.” In the case of Vogel I think he would best be described as a “never was.”

  4. Steve Vogel is one of those people who needs to feel our cold contempt every time he sets foot out in public. Let him know how repulsive his (and his daughter’s) politics are!

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