WGLT reports the ridiculous

By: Diane Benjamin


Corey Beirne needs to report the WGLT article as a campaign contribution. He is running for the McLean County Board and WGLT just happened to pick him for an interview him from all the teachers in the Unit 5 School District.

Beirne proves he isn’t qualified to hold an elected office however, so applause for WGLT!

Beirne thinks protecting schools with armed teachers is asinine. In Corey’s make believe world he thinks 2A defenders want school districts to buy guns for teachers and force them to carry it. Stop laughing now.

Beirne fails to see the obvious: Banning guns from schools make them an easy target for the mentally ill who want to kill. Schools are just like a neon sign flashing: Shoot here – nobody will stop you!

Teachers who want to conceal carry should be allowed. This school protects their students:

Nobody stops an armed shooter faster than a good guy with a gun. Teachers willing to protect students wouldn’t want school issued guns, they already have their own. Teachers like Beirne can cower in a corner while those trained and armed take out the shooter faster than waiting for police to arrive.

Actually with a big sign on the door shooters will look for an easier target, like the Meijer who now has a NON-COMPLIANT no guns allowed sign on their door.

The story also has quotes from Brandon Thornton, a D87 teacher. He of course thinks just like Beirne. He also thinks his salary is low. This is low – with summers off?

Gun violence is never solved because real issues can not be discussed. Gun confiscation will never happen. This story proves what works: https://americanmilitarynews.com/2022/05/woman-uses-concealed-carry-gun-to-stop-gunman-who-opened-fire-on-partygoers/

The last thing that should happen is arming all teachers, it isn’t even necessary. Allowing those willing to carry to protect others should be allowed. They would even protect Beirne and Thornton.

Beirne didn’t claim in this story to be underpaid, just in case he does:






9 thoughts on “WGLT reports the ridiculous

  1. It’s ironic that this subject was brought up. My family & I along with some friends had gotten together & somehow guns in schools was a subject. We all agreed that teachers should be armed or have an armed guard on each floor of schools. If the cost of weapons exceed the cost of a child’s life, then the school board or powers that be need to be replaced. 


  2. Isn’t Corey Beirne the same guy who spoke at a Unit 5 School Board Meeting about being comfortable talking to students (other people’s children) about sex? This guy is dangerous in more ways than one. And that bit about crying, what a steaming hot pile of 《r@p!

  3. Frankly , 99 % of the teachers I know do not possess the manual dexterity nor the mental discipline to carry a firearm.

    WGLT’s political coverage is public funded favoritism , slanted to whoever the reporter likes , and is much less factual or informative than their regular news. WGLT just cannot do journalism outside of their 4th tier ranked ISU bubble – they are very insular and tribe tight.

    Explains why they always look skittish and unsure whenever they venture out beyond Uptown Normal or the ISU campus. ^^

  4. Let’s see you don’t live in Unit 5, you have no children going to school since they’re all adults. You somehow manage to show up at meetings. Then you write this screed. Anti-teacher and total gun nut.

    There were 19 10-years-olds gunned down while police waited outside. They were 10-years-old. That’s an obscenity on top of the other recent mass shootings. A teacher had a human response to the tragedy of 19 young lives gone. That’s hell of of a lot better than your response and the response of any of your commenters.

    “Allowing those willing to carry to protect others should be allowed.”

    How exactly is that fantasy going to work??? Most schools I know have School Resource Officers assigned to schools. School shootings continue to happen. Mass shootings continue to happen. “Those willing to carry to protect” rarely show up.

      1. Excuse me, they do not stop mass shootings. There have been 248 mass shooting in the United States in 2022. Those mass shooters were NOT criminals. They in fact all purchased their military type guns legally. I can’t go to the store and purchase multiple boxes sudafed not matter how bad my allergies without being stopped. I can’t to the store and purchase hundreds of pounds of fertilizer without question. But anyone without a felony can purchase any amount of ammunition any amount of guns even guns meant for war with no question? Really? And your solution is someone is going to stop this with a gun? You really think you’re personally going to stand in crowded hall of children and shoot it out? It hasn’t happened, it would be a recipe for disaster. Police with guns can’t stop it. What you stated is a a fantasy.

        1. Thanks for proving you know nothing about guns. AR doesn’t mean Assault Rifle. Any member of the military would laugh at the thought of using an AR in battle. You live in a fantasy where banning guns is utopia. Criminals don’t care what guns you take away, they will still have them. You obviously didn’t read the link in the story either.

  5. Lizzy obviously has never tried to purchase a gun! Her words prove it “….but anyone without a felony can purchase any amount of ammunition any amount of guns even guns meant for war with no question?”

    When you go to buy a gun, you have to first show your FOID card – before you can even LOOK at the gun. Then you have to fill out forms, which are then sent off for performing a background check. Then you have a waiting period between 24-72 hours depending on the gun being purchased. And there have been times where I went back to the store after the allotted wait time, only to find out the background check wasn’t completed yet. After all that and before leaving the store with the gun, FOID and ID are again required, along with completing and a review of the initial paperwork.

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