Ridgeview Taxpayers: Why are you funding Leroy Schools?

By: Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request with the Ridgeview School District for the following:

  • All documents and communication concerning one of your students currently being bused to school in Leroy.
  • Please include cost, documents showing reasons, and communication with Leroy schools/parents.

Ridgeview claimed most of my FOIA is exempt, but I did get the 2 invoices below. Ridgeview is transporting 1 student to Leroy. The cost since February 8, 2022 is $13,678.74. Ridgeview didn’t include the cost of transporting that student, hardly exempt under FOIA.

It appears problems aren’t solved in Ridgeview schools. Offenders aren’t held accountable. I know why this student was transferred to Leroy, but without documents I’m not going to say.

Taxpayers need to ask why Ridgeview is wasting money. I hear there is a School Board meeting on June 14th. Look at your property tax bill, Ridgeview threw away almost $14,000 instead of solving student issues. Attend and ask them why! If Superintendent Erik Young has intimidated parents into silence and ignored malfeasance by staff or students he needs booted from his job.

Has the School Board met since July of 2021? Where are the minutes? Are they a secret?https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GulMoUeO_vv5lvY0pv8eU8xUoToTTWr94CkZsre6cYg/edit#gid=0

3 thoughts on “Ridgeview Taxpayers: Why are you funding Leroy Schools?

  1. I believe LeRoy Preparatory Academy serves students with disabilities. It could quite possibly be because Ridgeview cannot accommodate this student, and therefore are required to send the student where they can be accommodated. I’m pretty sure that’s a state law.


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