Two things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin


Jason Barickman: What are you thinking? Ken Griffin buying a governor is okay with you? Hoping for some of Griffin’s billions? Is Irvin paying you from the $50 million he got from Griffin? Do you always host fake Republicans?


12 thoughts on “Two things you need to know:

  1. Really? Richard Irvin is going to physically venture below I-80 and actually meet the people who live south of I-80? I Will believe it when it actually sully happens! Don’t be surprised if at the last minute he can’t make it and sends one of his staff in his place. He thinks he doesn’t need the downstate vote to win and he thinks he can fill our mail boxes with out and out lies down here and still win. Ken Griffin has bought so many republicans who were forced to support Irvin in order to get his money that if they all win he will be running the state of IL from his office in Chicago and not even have to run for office. My suggestion is that you look at whoever has endorsed Irvin and vote the opposite of whoever they are running against

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  2. Will the McLean County GOP go full RINO and back Irwin if he wins the primary? Barickman is already pressuring the GOP to back away from Bailey and endorse Irvin. Griffin is after much more with his purchase of Barickman.

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  3. Darren Bailey has 0% against Pritzker. Should’ve stayed in the fight as a Senator. He’ll either lose the primary to Irvin or lose in November.


      1. 1. Trump lost Illinois twice. Your point?
        2. That is false, Bailey cannot run for Senate and Governor at the same time. If he loses will hold no office.


  4. Is the Salvi woman related to Al Salvi? I got a great photo of us burning his 4x8s from way back when.

    And State Senators don’t serve 6 year terms…


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