Bill Brady in Chicago Tribune

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass must have a tough life living and reporting on the Chicago corruption.  If you’ve ever rad his columns, he turns it into comedy.

Kass wrote a column on January 30th pertaining to the supposed ethics reforms in Springfield:

After Kass is done skewering Pritzker he gets to Bill Brady:


Funny how the local press fails to report much on Bill Brady.  Ethics reform won’t be happening anytime soon as long as Brady is the Senate minority leader.  I wonder who in the GOP thinks electing him is a good idea?

Chapin Rose?  Jason Barickman?  anybody?

5 thoughts on “Bill Brady in Chicago Tribune

  1. The GOP thinks anybody with an “R” after their name is better than a “D”. In IL the “R” usually stands for Rino.

  2. I knew Bill had to be in tight with the Dems when his daughter’s wedding was held in Chicago. Quite the production. Why wouldn’t a Central Catholic grad/BCC member want to be married at Holy Trinity with reception to follow at BCC? I guess we’re just too common in Bloomington Normal for the “hometown” boy. The only thing Brady and Brady have ever done for Bloomington Normal —–>Sell us out to Progressive Marxist Democrats.

  3. John Kass doesn’t live in Chicago, he lives in the suburbs. One has to wonder how long Kass is going to be writing for the Tribune. The Chicago Tribune was sold to Alden Global Capital a hedge fund firm noted for pink slipping everyone. The publisher and editor-in-chief and managing editor have been fired. The Tribune will be gutted and sold again without Kass.

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