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By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Defining what it means to be Progressive is Nikita Richard, failed candidate for McLean County Clerk:

Nikt 1

Nikita “tagged” McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael and McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage apparently to embarrassed them into allowing prisoners here to vote.

Sheriff Sandage responded:

nikt 2

Next, Kathy Michael responded, these comments appear to have been deleted or I would have gotten a better screen shot.  Nikita then responded to both:


So, “progressives” expect taxpayers to fund a designated polling place in the jail, pay staff to man it (early voting too?), just so they can say inmates can vote when they already have that ability!  I call this a #NikitaRichardsFail.  

This defines what being a progressive means:  Bankrupt the system.

Jenn Carrillo is melting down over Bernie Sanders.  Obviously the Democrat Party has put the “fix” in to keep a socialist from being their nominee.  Bernie is “lifting up”?  Congrats Ward 6, you elected a person who thinks taking from people who earned money and giving it to others is “lifting up”.  Jenn’s education must not have included a course in how capitalism has lifted huge numbers of people out of poverty around the globe.  (She is an ISU graduate)

car bernie

Eliminating Cash Bail, like Illinois wants to do, means putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.  The crime rate in New York is much higher this year:

If you missed this story, Carrillo wants the same for Illinois:

The real purpose of the far left is to bankrupt the system and make you less safe.  Eventually they think you will demand socialism so government can clean up the mess they created.  

If a candidate uses the words “progress” or “progressive” now you know what that means.

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  1. The real goal here is to bring Communism to our country. FYI – these people will not stop even after the landslide reelection of Donald Trump in November. Expect violence – it is coming to a city near you (or in your city). These people are serious.

  2. Sorry Jen but your affiliation with the demonrat party is going to (in your words) “F up” Bernie once again. Bernie is playing his role and will likely end up with another (socialists dream) milllion dollar house for his co-operation. You are a mere lemming my dear. MAGA 2020

    1. Amazing. Carrillo-virus is suppose to be an ISU graduate, but shows what little grasp she has of the English language when writing. I can only assume she also speaks with the same vocabulary. Suppose to be one of many city leaders (in title only)? Give me a break. When she writes “just to stroke your own” and follows that with the obvious pictorial representation of what she wants the reader to stroke, is simply going too far. Especially with all the other vulgarity she spews in her posting. One ending question; are there no ethics parameters requiring council members to abide by while serving?

  3. Nikita Khrushchev Richards sure is a piece of work. Hey Nikita you can always volunteer your residence as a voting place.

  4. I just DON’T KNOW WHERE to begin! Nikita has ALWAYS been a hell-raiser, and just wants to keep the pot boiling, and JENN an ISU graduate?? What the heck was her MAJOR? Underwater goat tail weaving? Because it sure was NOT english as a first or SECOND language!
    THese TWO yahoos just show WHAT kind of “unity” exists in the lowest common denominator party in America-kind of like water and oil..

  5. I don’t blame the Democrats for keeping Bernie out, he’s not a democrat. Why would a political party let an outsider, and their fanatic band of buy-in followers, come in and take it over?

    I believe Carrillo was a psychology major at ISU. She’s out there, for sure.

    1. Nothing wrong with keeping Bernie out if he’s not a Dem. But is he Really not a Dem? Remember a few years back a neo-nazi ran for some office upstate as a Republican? The party disavowed him and iirc other Republicans actively campaigned against him. When a libertarian runs as a Republican, usually nothing is said other than ‘close enough’. The party has not disavowed Bernie. Other Dems have mostly said ‘Me Too!’ to most of his policies. He certainly isn’t a 20th-century Democrat, but apparently he is very much a 2020 Democrat.

    2. If your comment was over my head, I’m sure I’m not the only one – Can you please clarify what you meant?

      1. An outsider taking over a political party, a fanatical band of followers…. Think about it. 🙂

    3. I certainly saw the parallels after your comment (don’t recall if I drew them before-hand or not…), but the face-value meaning seemed more relevant. It would be like making a seems-legitimate comment about Coronavirus and expecting people to ignore the clearly-affects-your-life-right-now meaning and instead respond to it as an allegory to the rise of socialism on college campuses over the last half century. The parallels may be indisputable, but one needs more of a clue for the reader to make that jump, like including “Right never-Trumpers?” for you or some reference to SJWs or whatever in my example.

      From there, Trump was certainly an outsider and there were some understandable efforts to keep him out. However, as best I can tell Bernie represents and fosters fringe views of the party and ‘Dem centrists’ are fighting a fringe takeover, where Trump represented and fostered ‘Repub centrist’ views that most of the party leadership where trying to repress or ignore. So the parallels are profound at a party-leadership level, but largely missing at the party-rank-and-file level.

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