Jenn Carrillo vrs Common Sense

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn posted this today on her official alderman page:

carrillo sherrif

Human Dignity?  Seriously?

Remember the lady Black Lives Matters bailed out for Mother’s Day in May of 2019?

She was in jail for shoplifting while her baby was with her.

In December 2018 she was arrested for the same thing in Springfield:

dec arrest

Jenn, do you know stores have to charge more because of people who shoplift?  The store owners aren’t treated with human dignity when they have to put up with people like this lady!  Customers who have to pay more to cover theft aren’t treated with human dignity either.

One of the main jobs government has is to protect the majority of us who don’t commit crimes from the ones who do.  Requiring bail keeps criminals off the streets.

Jenn, please read up:

ICE: Chicago released previously-deported felon who went on to sexually assault toddler–KSYQCB8pOVkwk

We aren’t Chicago, maybe you should move there.  Downstate we like our criminals behind bars and illegal aliens deported!  That 3 years old girl should have been safe but wasn’t because of people like you.  Did she get human dignity?

Instead of letting criminals out of jail, you should be looking into how they ended up there.  Letting them out does nothing to keep them out.  Maybe you could start a class on:  Actions have Consequences

Myleria hasn’t been picked up for shoplifting again here or in Springfield, but she still doesn’t understand laws exist to keep us safe from her.  Two more charges in Springfield:


Count 002 DRIVING 15-20 MPH ABOVE LIMIT Oct 11, 2019 Defendant: MYLERIA S. BRIGGS

Maybe Jenn gave up on getting Bernie elected and needs a new social justice campaign.

I stand with our sheriff, how about you?

14 thoughts on “Jenn Carrillo vrs Common Sense

  1. Human Dignity is SJW code for: The law is the problem not the people who break it

    Sane people stand with the Sheriff, not a poorly educated entitled SJW attaching herself to yet another contrived and deeply wrong “social issue” that seeks to provide yet another way to unleash criminals back into our towns and cities.

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  2. I believe the Chicago Mayor made a public statement regarding the incident. Until people learn actions have consequences our society will continue to deteriorate. Justice has been turned on its head where the victim is punished and the perpetrator is rewarded, beginning with bullying at the grade-school level.

    The Sheriff is doing the job he was elected to do. Bravo!

    Keep supporting losers, Jenn. Bernie just got burned, again.

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  3. Jenn Carrillo supports criminals I emailed her about a couple drug dealers (one who is running for county board) in town who not only provide the drugs, but allow cocaine and heroin use in a certain bar restroom…she forwarded the email to the criminals….and tried to intimidate my child. I forwarded it to the BPD. Seriously, I worked in an ER, there is no human dignity in a heroin overdose or trying to get off of heroin.

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    1. If she indeed did what you said, she should be reported to the police and you should press charges on behalf of your child. She is a piece of street scum that just happened to win a ward election based on voter apathy. She is a no talent nobody that is barely above the intelligence of a farm animal.

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  4. I’ve figured it ALL OUT! Jenn is ACTUALLY a “worshipper” of Alla NAZIMOVA and follows in her footsteps, although she is NOT NEARLY AS FAMOUS OR WELL KNOWN! However, I do believe that Jenn belives in the same rituals and “sewing circles” that Alla followed. And as for common sense, Jenn possess NONE!!


  5. I’d like to know how the justice system works around here when you have a criminal who is charged with five drug felonies and a fifth of a bicycle and is released on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond. I’ve seen people sitting in jail for a lot less than that they can’t get out on a personal reconnaissance bond.

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  6. This woman is grotesque in so many ways. She has become the local poster child for the far left body politic that neither understands nor can grasp life’s realities. Sick of mind, her twisted brain cannot distinguish between good and evil. She likely craves acceptance so badly she looks for it among human beings of the lowest common denominator and finds comfort in the company of the rejected, confused and hopeless. It is fair bet she finds herself repugnant and is self loathing like many on the far left. Causing trouble is her one and only talent and has no remorse when her actions cause pain for other people. In another time and place she would be pitied but in 2020, up is down and down is up.

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  7. Maybe Jenn would be right if we were to abolish cash bail. Instead we do not let them out at all. Lock them up and throw away the key. Or let them out to a sponsor. Example, let Briggs be Jenn’s homie and when Briggs gets taken down again the sponsor (Jenn) is given the same punishment and jail time. Maybe then we could get rid of this despicable Ward 6 garbage.


    1. The ‘lock them up’ plan is too prone to abuse, above and beyond any Constitutional challenges. I’m sure there are some in Normal who would love to see Stan Nord locked up for who-cares-what and unable to get out.
      The sponsorship plan is great out-of-the-box thinking and has potential if it would survive Constitutional challenges.


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