Early Voting, vote by mail

By:  Diane Benjamin

I have avoided any information on where to vote early because I don’t believe in it.  All  Democrats who early voted in the Primary had a good chance of throwing their vote away because many people have dropped out of the presidential race.

An early vote doesn’t means anything more than not voting early.  It makes me question your sanity however.

Here’s who I think is still left – it changes daily:

demo choices

I will post one message from a press release by Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk:


If the corona virus is scaring you, vote by mail.



4 thoughts on “Early Voting, vote by mail

  1. Remember, you can choose to vote on either the Republican or Democrat ballot, regardless of which party you’re a member of. Illinois is an open ballot state.

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  2. A little off topic but…..
    Last week the stock market tanked and it was all due to mass media’s claim of the virus. No mention that it might be Bernie doing well and some of the market nervous it might continue.
    Today market up 800 points as I write. Mass media….it is due to Biden overcoming Bernie and his business unfriendly platform.
    Notice a pattern here?
    Last week we had to make sure to not write anything bad about leading democratic primary candidate so we will look for another reason.
    This week we can support leading democratic candidate and create what may be a true reason for some of the change and not hurt democratic image.
    True reporting not the issue….just spin it so democrats look good.

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