County Board: Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin In yesterday’s story I neglected to say the audio and video of this meeting don’t mesh. The first 16 minutes has no sound. Need some IT help County? Ask Bloomington, they use the same room. Refer back to this story, Sheriff Sandage is tired of Sharon Chung stirring up trouble in the […]

Sharon Chung is soft on crime

By: Diane Benjamin Chung is running as a democrat for the 91st District. She is currently on the County Board. The video below proves Chung is unfit to serve in any capacity. Sheriff Sandage addressed her personally at yesterday’s Justice Committee meeting. He read a long list of Chung communicating with and advising inmates in […]

Jenn Carrillo vrs Common Sense

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn posted this today on her official alderman page: Human Dignity?  Seriously? Remember the lady Black Lives Matters bailed out for Mother’s Day in May of 2019? She was in jail for shoplifting while her baby was with her. In December 2018 she was arrested for the same thing in Springfield: […]

Exclusive: Did McLean County issue an illegal warrant?

By:  Diane Benjamin As I write Michael Cadena is still in jail in Massachusetts.  His son Mikey’s whereabouts are unknown.  Amber (mom) Buck’s attorney refuses to disclose this information. Sources tell me that there is a significant question regarding the transfer of the child and if proper Massachusetts procedure was followed or if it was […]