Last Years Mother’s Day Bail

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last year Black Lives Matter bailed out Myleria Briggs for Mother’s Day.  She was in jail for retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  She entered a guilty plea in June of 2018.  24 days in jail and 24 months probation.  It was a Class 3 felony.

All Springfield area, look them up here:

On April 26, 2018 she was arrested for driving an uninsured vehicle and speeding.  She was fined $555.00, it hasn’t been paid.

On July 19, 2018 she was arrested for criminal damage to property.  She was ordered to pay restitution and spent 2 days in jail

Also July 19, 2018 she was arrested for speeding and fined $250.  That hasn’t been paid.

September 2, 2018 arrested for driving uninsured vehicle and speeding.  She was fined $555, she has until the May 19th to pay it.

December 15, 2018 she was arrested again for retail theft, another Class 3 felony. Her trial is later this month.

Black Lives Matter:

Bailing out this lady last year did nothing to change her behavior.  Retail theft means everybody pays more at stores to cover the cost.  How many other times did she shoplift and not get caught?

BLM is currently raising money to bail out another mother.

Didn’t they get the bail money back from the previous people they bailed out?

If they really cared they would be raising money to prevent repeat behavior instead of complaining about bail.

The guy they bailed out for Father’s Day looks to be in the custody of the Department of Corrections.  A case for burglary and forgery is still open.  You can look him up here:    Original story:

BLM will probably be bailing out another guy when Father’s day rolls around.  Maybe I should print the list of people who contribute to their GoFundMe campaigns so everybody knows who gives money to a cause that accomplishes zilch.

Better yet, see for yourself:

7 thoughts on “Last Years Mother’s Day Bail

  1. Congratulations, you dig up more dirt than a grave digger during a plague.
    This thing stinks to the high heavens. I hope somebody up there smells it.

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  2. IF they REALLY wanted to “help” people on those days they WOULD buy groceries for a single mom or dad or give a small scholarship to one, instead of giving money to one who has a inclination toward incarceration!
    And as for Jim, well instead of being PART of the problem, how about offering another HELPFUL solution, or is your name Tari??

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    1. My statement to Diane was a compliment. Diane comes up with well documented articles which are seldom seen elsewhere. Not only does Diane dig up dirt, she does a superb job of filtering through it.
      For thirty years I fought against corruption in State government. As a news commentator, I spoke many times on corruption. As a whistle blower I was unable to make any difference at the State level so I went to the Feds. NO Townie, I am not Tari.

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  3. Is it not amusing that BLM’s mission has switched now from (white cops are bad because they shoot blacks) to bail out our black criminals? With all the dash cams and body cams on police now, their whole discrimination narrative is completely gone. Instead of addressing their real issues, they are left with putting a band-aid on the problem. Instead of looking inward at their own problems:

    1) An epidemic of black violence and crime in predominately black cities
    2) Over 1/2 of the murders in the United States being committed by 6% of the population (black males)
    3) A rejection of education and academic achievement in favor of street smarts/crime
    4) A conscious cultural rejection of fitting into the white man’s world
    5) A generational cycle of reliance on government assistance instead of working
    6) The absence of black fathers and a large percentage of black babies being born out of wedlock

    So Black Lives Matter… here is your list! Work on these and come back to us in ten years.

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      1. Just like on the national level, the Democrats are the party of the perpetuation of the problem for their own political gain. Thankfully their our plenty of blacks who are waking up and leaving the Democratic Plantation. Here is a 30 year old black woman who is shaking up the Democratic world – check out Candace Owens – she is nothing short of awesome!

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